In the UK, the Kerakoll brand has been part of Tilemaster Adhesives Ltd, which is a subsidiary of the Kerakoll Group, since Kerakoll UK Ltd merged with its sister company at the beginning of 2020. Kerakoll concentrates on tiling products, including their next-generation Biogel adhesives and Fugabella Color resin-cement grouts, as well as waterproofing and other surface preparation products.  The Biogel Adhesives range won the TTA award for Best Innovation for the year it was launched, and Fugabella Color is currently on the shortlist for Best Innovation 2020.

The next generation of gel-adhesives from Kerakoll

2022 sees Kerakoll launch the next generation of gel-adhesives, building on the success of the first range which took the tiling world by storm...

The natural way for grout resistance to microbial attack

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) has many industrial uses in paints, adhesives, floors, roofing materials, and even...

Kerakoll Fugabella Color and Fugalite Bio: naturally good grout

Kerakoll’s bestselling Fugabella Color grout collection is available in 50 colours chosen by Piero Lissoni...

Fixing tiles over underfloor heating the easy way

Laying tiles over underfloor heating need not be complicated if you use Kerakoll’s systems for...

Kerakoll & Tilemaster Adhesives Joint Training Campus

The 2600ft2 Campus is used for product training for both Kerakoll and its sister brand, Tilemaster Adhesives.  The space has a dedicated classroom for up to 40 people and larger areas which can be adapted to suit practical demonstrations and hands on training on applications on a large or small scale.  The Campus also has the capacity to build true to life sets to simulate every situation from wetrooms to swimming pools for ceramic tiles, commercial and domestic walls and floors for wood, resin and vinyl flooring, and a section dedicated to Kerakoll Design House with walls and floors suitable for re-designs and new applications.

There will be one programmed training day per month for each of the brands from February to November, and the opportunity for clients to request bespoke training on particular needs such as specific systems.

Contact your local Kerakoll area manager or the office to enquire about the training courses or for any specific training needs.