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Kerakoll’s “next generation” multipurpose adhesives and grouts

Kerakoll’s ranges of adhesives and grouts may seem small compared to many of their competitors, the company says, but the simplification is said to be a result of the R&D team going back to the drawing board to reinvent the way its adhesives and grouts are formulated. This has reportedly allowed the company to develop formulas that perform on all substrates, with all tile types and situations.

The H40 range of gel-adhesives has recently been expanded to four products, which between them can be used in residential or heavy-duty commercial settings, internally or externally in areas subject to significant temperature changes and in constant exposure to water. They are also suitable for use with large format tiles.

The newest addition, H40 Ultimate is a rapid-setting powder form gel-adhesive with genuine S2 deformability. “It is the first of its kind,” the company says, “combining excellent workability with a high degree of flexibility and deformation.”

H40 Gel is a standard-setting powder form gel-adhesive, and H40 Advanced is a rapid-setting powder form gel-adhesive which offers long working times and accelerated adhesion.

H40 Extreme, a hybrid gel-adhesive completes the range. This combines extreme fluidity with extreme flexibility, the company says, as it is ten times more deformable than generic S2 adhesives. It can reportedly cope with the most extreme on-site conditions making it suitable for sites with uncommon and/or difficult substrates.

To finish the installation, Kerakoll offers Fugabella Color, a resin-cement hybrid grout range available in 50 different shades which have been selected by Piero Lissoni to fit with contemporary interiors.
The resin-cement formulation has performance levels very close to epoxy-resin grouts, Kerakoll says, and can be used both internally and externally in domestic, industrial and commercial projects.

Finally, the company’s Fugalite Bio grout range offers a water-based resin grout that is said to be both hypo-allergenic and better for the environment than traditional epoxy-resin grouts. g
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