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Fixing tiles over underfloor heating the easy way

Laying tiles over underfloor heating need not be complicated, Kerakoll says, with its systems for both electrical and water-based installations. The products are designed to be easy to work with and kind to the health of the installer.

The pipes for water-based systems need to be laid first and then covered with a screed. Keracem Eco is suitable for this task, as it’s designed to be used with heat radiant slabs. The product fast drying, able to be tiled on after 24 hours.

Use a layer of Keratech Eco Flex self-levelling compound over electrical heating systems after priming with Keragrip Eco where necessary. Eco Flex is an environmentally-friendly product, the company says, which is easy to lay and can be tiled on after 12 hours. It reportedly has a lifetime CFP of 130g of CO2 emitted per kg and very low VOC emissions.

Once the substrate is dry, tiles can be fixed. For this, the company recommends using its gel adhesives: H40 Gel for standard-set, or H40 Advanced for a rapid-setting adhesive.

The H40 range is the company’s next generation of gel adhesives, taking over from the Biogel range. It comprises two formulations (standard setting H40 Gel and rapid setting H40 Advanced) the company says can be used with any type of tile on any substrate due to the addition of polymers to give them a high shear strength. The gel-adhesives are particularly suited for use with underfloor heating as they contain additives to increase flexibility, Kerakoll says. The unbroken structural bond they form with the substrate and tile absorbs and evens out stresses caused by movement of the substrate.

The adhesives reportedly stay the same consistency as when they are first mixed, even after a long period in the bucket. The mix also doesn’t shrink due to the inclusion of a geo-binder, so it can be made it the right thickness for the job while remaining is soft and easy to work with. The consistency means the adhesives wet the entire tile as well as the substrate, creating a strong bond and superior performance, according to the company. They also have a very low environmental impact with low CO2 and very low VOC ratings as well as recycled material in the formulation.

To finish the installation, the company offers Fugabella Color, a Resina-cemento hybrid grout. Said to be safe and easy to work with, the grout does not contain Portland cement, so it does not develop efflorescence. It has the same features as the company’s Biogel adhesives, allowing installers to mix it to a desired consistency without the product drying out in the bucket. There are 50 different colours available, making it easier to pick one that fits with the colour scheme of the room.
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