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Tilemaster Adhesives’ external system

Tilemaster Adhesives’ external system makes the fixing of exterior grade floor tiles simple.  Just follow the steps below for a perfect, trouble-free installation.

Where tiling onto screed, it is essential that the surface is smooth and level, whether laying tiles outside or working on an indoors project. Tilemaster Adhesives has developed External Leveller, a practical, easy to apply smoothing compound specifically for external use.  It is fast setting, free flowing and suitable for use in damp or even wet conditions, at depths from 2mm to 50mm in one coat.  It is fibre reinforced making it exceptionally strong and can accept foot traffic and be tiled after 3 hours at 20⁰C.

When fixing tiles to an external screed, it is important to make sure that there is full coverage between the tile and the substrate. 

Tilemaster Adhesives recommends the use of the Tilemaster Setaflex range.  These flexible, polymer modified are unaffected by frost after setting and can be used in areas exposed to water for long periods, so are perfect for outside use.

The range consists of three products: Standard Set Setaflex has an extended pot life of approximately 3 – 4 hours, the fixer has plenty of time to install the tiles and manoeuvre them once in place, making it ideal where longer working times are required. 

There is a 24 hour wait before grouting and foot traffic.  Where more speed is required, the Rapid or Semi-Rapid set versions should be used.  Tilemaster Setaflex Semi-Rapid has a pot life of 90 – 120 minutes and is ready for grouting after approximately 6 hours.  Tilemaster Rapid Setaflex has a 30 minute pot life and is ready for grouting after approximately 3 hours.

Tilemaster Grout 3000 should be used to grout the tiles after waiting the appropriate amount of time for the adhesive to harden.  It can be used for joints up to 20mm thick and is impervious to frost once it has set.
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