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Kerakoll products help tiling Moroccan wet room

Tile & Floor, of Bath, use Kerakoll products for all of their tiling because of the combination of environmental-friendliness and great performance that they offer.  The company was involved in the refurbishment of Roden Park, a large property in Newbury, and supplied all of the tiling and flooring throughout the property, which has 8 bathrooms, and many stone and oak floors.

Of the eight, the bathroom that took the most amount of work with meticulous planning and preparation is a second floor wet room where they installed a combination of handmade Moroccan Zellige tiles and Tadelakt, a waterproof Moroccan plaster. 

The floors were made up with insulation backerboard which was glued and screwed in place before an underfloor heating mat was laid on top.  This was then covered with Keralevel Eco LR, an extra rapid-setting and -drying levelling compound, which allows tiling to start after only 2 hours.

The room was then fully tanked using Nanodefense Eco,  Aquastop tape and Aquastop Nanosil.  H40 Shock-White adhesive was used for the tiling.  The nature of the tiles made tiling particularly challenging, as they had small black centre pieces that would come away when released from the sheets that held them together.  These pieces then had to be inserted with tweezers as they were so small and tight.  Once tiling had been finished the tiles were grouted with Fugabella Color and movement joints sealed with Fugabella Silicone.

The whole process took three to four weeks to complete, and as Barry Montacute, the Contracts Manager, commented “It was an absolute pleasure to see this one finished.”

The Kerakoll Aquastop Green membrane was used on all of the floors as part of the Laminate No Crack Uncoupling system, an uncoupling, anti-cracking solution.  This is ideal for use with underfloor heating systems as the membrane has a thermal resistance of 1.030 m³ K/W, so it does not impede the passage of heat.  It can also be used with cracked screeds or to compensate for hygrometric shrinkage in uncured substrates, especially in fast-track projects. 

Laminate No Crack is made up of a layer of gel-adhesive such as H40 Gel or H40 Advanced followed by the Aquastop Green membrane and with tiles are fixed on top using another layer of gel-adhesive, before being grouted using Fugabella Color.  The whole forms a laminated surface composed of adhesive, membrane, adhesive, and tiles with a very high shear strength of ≥ 1.8 N/mm². 

For more information on how you could use Kerakoll products in your project, please contact the team at Tilemaster Adhesives Ltd – Kerakoll Group.

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Tiling and Flooring Installation: Tile & Floor Bath, www.tileandflooring.co.uk

Tiling products: Tilemaster Adhesives Ltd – Kerakoll Group, tel: 01772 456831, email: [email protected]

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