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Tiling external surfaces with Kerakoll

Kerakoll’s Laminate No Crack system uses the Aquastop Green membrane and H40 adhesives (H40 Gel or H40 Advanced).

The manufacturer says this system allows tile installation even when substrates have problems that would normally cause failure, such as cracks, movement, or vapour pressure from insufficient curing.

The system is suitable for outdoor installation, as it forms a laminated surface composed of adhesive, membrane, adhesive and tiles with a shear strength of ≥ 1.8 N/sqmm.

Waterproofing substrates with high residual humidity is a risk installers often have to take in outdoor settings; where curing times and sudden changes in the weather mean having to waterproof over-damp substrates. Laminate No Crack Waterproof can be laid on cement-based screeds as soon as sufficient mechanical performance is achieved for foot traffic and subsequent operations, Kerakoll says.

Firstly, apply a layer of H40 gel-adhesive to the substrate and lay the Aquastop Green anti-cracking waterproof membrane on top, then seal any joins with Aquastop 120 tape laid into Aquastop Fix.

Next, lay the tiles into a layer of H40 gel-adhesive. These adhesives can be used with virtually any substrate or type of tile and have great wettability. They are said to be free-flowing, but able to hold their shape, making them suitable for use with heavy tiles such as those which are 20mm and 30mm thick for exterior use. Using H40 Advanced is designed to speed up the installation, but H40 Gel can be used if you prefer a standard setting adhesive.

Finally, finish the whole with Fugabella Color or Fugalite Bio grout.
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