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The ‘Ultimate’ range from ROCATEX offers world class performance

With the professional tiler’s requirements at the heart of everything it does, ROCATEX has developed a strong reputation for producing tiling products of the very highest quality.

This approach is best highlighted across its range of ‘Ultimate’ products, which Andy Gough, Sales Director, explains is a result of many hours work in the lab with some of the world’s leading chemists.

“We have always wanted to create a full tiling system, from preparation to finishing, which represents the very best our industry has to offer,” says Gough. “Here at ROCATEX we have access to some of the world’s leading chemists, each of whom have specialist fields.”

“For example, our CG2 WA Ultimate Grout was the first to use recycled glass in place of sand. The chemists also introduced a water repellent polymer which helps hugely with colour consistency and overall performance in wet areas. It was also the first grout to use micro-fibres which allows it to be used in joint widths from 1mm to 20mm. None of this would have been possible without a team of specialist chemists who spend every day developing and formulating world class cement products.”
He goes on to say, “But if you then take our FGS Ultimate Silicone, with the greatest respect to the cement chemists, this needed to be created by silicone specialists, not cement specialists. So for this product we commissioned a leading German laboratory to create what we believe is the best silicone in the UK tiling market. It has no acetoxy fillers, it is 100% pure silicone with superb adhesion. It has 50% movement capability, can be used internally and externally, has a matt finish and is colour matched to all 15 of our grout colours.”

The ROCATEX ‘Ultimate’ range also includes S2 adhesives, primer, levelling compound, water-based natural stone & grout sealer, and the latest product to be added to the range is ROCATEX RG1 Ultimate Epoxy Grout.

“One of the biggest issues tilers face when using epoxy grout is the washing-off process,” explains Gough. “It has always been the real downside of these grouts. So by teaming up with a UK based, specialist epoxy chemist, we have been able to create a highly innovative 3 part epoxy grout which enables an incredibly user-friendly, water wipeable wash-off system. By separating two of the liquid components until the point at which they are mixed with the fine-grade filler, part of the reaction process is delayed which has the effect of a much easier wash-off process.”

Available in 4 key colours from the existing ROCATEX palette, RG1 Ultimate Epoxy Grout is suitable for interior and exterior use and creates an impervious, waterproof tile joint with excellent mechanical strength which is resistant to chemical attack.

For more information about ROCATEX products, please contact our technical sales team:
T: 01423 882990
E: [email protected]
W: www.rocatex.com

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