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“Stunning new ranges” from La Fabbrica

La fabbrica is one of the leading tile producers in Italy with a reputation for offering “excellence in design, innovation, and quality”.

Under the La fabbrica brand, ranges are offered in various size formats and design options across over 30 collections, from the traditional multi-size format stone effects of the recently launched Chianca range, to the “sophisticated and contemporary elegance” of Onice Iride and Gemstone.

All of the company’s ranges are enhanced by range of special pieces offered as standard, and many also offer an indoor/outdoor option in both standard and 2cm thickness. All indoor/outdoor tiles are calibrated to be exactly the same size, the company says, thus ensuring a continuous grout joint.

As part of the Italcer Group, La fabbrica is able to tap into the specialist production facilities offered by sister manufacturing plants within the group. This has led to the introduction of an exclusive ceramic wall tile range called Small, which includes three different design concepts produced on small hexagons: 10x10cm tiles as well as two “listello brick” size options.

La fabbrica and AVA are like two sides of the same coin, the company says. While La fabbrica offers more traditional size tiles from 30x30cm up to 80x180cm in standard thicknesses, AVA specialises in the large slab format, offering what it describes as the best selection of styles and designs in the market. While slabs are produced with sizes up to 320x160cm, the vast majority of the collection is offered in multi size formats down to 120x120cm at 6mm thickness, with 60x120cm options also available in standard 10mm thickness.

The AVA brand also offers a selection of 12 and 20mm thickness slabs designed specifically for kitchen worktops and fabrication under the name AVA Stone.

“Despite the traumas of the past few years, La fabbrica AVA has consistently grown market share in the UK and across the world,” the company says, “due to its commitment to investing in new technology and design, ensuring it remains a leading innovator in the industry, and with exceptional marketing support and service, La fabbrica AVA really is the ideal partner for your business.”

For further information and a visit by a member of the team, contact La fabbrica’s UK sales agent. Stuart Brown.
[email protected]

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