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How to capitalise on the metallic trend

Nacho Calvo, sales manager at INTHETILE, discusses the increased demand for metallic ceramic tiles and the key colours retailers should bet in.

The boom achieved by ceramic tiles with metallic sheen is consolidated every season. These collections fit perfectly with the styles of purest lines, where there is an absence of details and ornaments, where less is more and where integral environments, straight lines and elementary colors prevail. An ideal aesthetic concept for avant-garde and urban lovers.

INTHETILE’s ceramic metallics make up a wide family of ceramic pieces whose surface finish is developed using PVD (phase vapour deposition) technology, based on surface modification techniques with pure metals, in extremely thin layers, but with great durability.

Finishes and textures inspired by metals are the heroes of the most current styles:
Gold – The metal par excellence also serves as inspiration for ceramics. Metallic yellows and golds invoke sumptuous spaces. They’re the ideal shades for living rooms and relaxation areas. Combined with white or black furniture, they turn that room into the most elegant place in your home.

Silver – Considered one of the most elegant choices, metallic gray is a color that easily adapts to any type of room. A kitchen, a bathroom or even a living room can be decorated with ceramic tiles in this color to bring the elegance and dynamism that any space may require.

Rose Gold – This finish is a trend in interior design, proposing a renewed tonality for a wide range of surfaces and textures to generate ceramic coverings of great and impressive style. This proposal can go beyond conventional lines and decorate spaces as demanding as kitchens or bathrooms.

Violet – The purple color of the tiles combines perfectly with the most modern living spaces. This finish brings a dynamic and distinctive personality to spaces. It’s suitable for all spaces, both residential and public, that are characterised by a modern and dynamic spirit.

Metallic sheens – In addition, some ceramic tiles allow for a glossy finish. This possibility, offered by ceramic materials, gives a wall covering a greater identity. These finishes are more original and do not go unnoticed, allowing you to create unique environments.

In short, we are talking about pieces with smooth finishes, different reliefs and elegant textures, which make up a range of options to design and decorate a project. If you add to this the possibility of choosing between gloss or matte finishes, a whole world of creativity opens up in front of you.

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