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New signings signal continued growth for Palace Chemicals

Palace Chemicals has long set an industry benchmark for quality, service and sustainability, the company says, yet a swathe of recent recruits suggests the Liverpool based firm is not resting on its laurels.

The company has re-hired David Dillon, who left the company for a short time and returned as an area sales manager for Northeast England, and parts of Cumbria along with additional regional responsibility for Scotland.

“It’s really great to be back,” said 62-year-old Dillon. “When I began my first day back, it felt just like I was coming home. I cherish this new opportunity. Working for Palace Chemicals is fantastic – we’ve got a great customer base and it’s very varied, which keeps every day interesting”.

Those in the know will understand the “coming home” feeling, the company says. Many Palace employees, past and present, have described the company as “like a family,” one which respects and trusts its staff, recognising they are the reason behind Palace’s success.

The UK-based independent manufacturer of tile adhesives, grouts, building chemicals, wood treatments and decorating sundries has introduced multiple processes and technological developments towards achieving its goal of carbon neutrality as well as growing its staff numbers in many areas to accommodate these advancements.

Ryan Barnes has also been drafted in as a new area sales manager for the Southeast, along with Ross Porter, who is the new area sales manager for south central and west London.
Like his new colleague David Dillon, 33-year-old Barnes, a dad of three from Forest Hill, London, is relishing his role.

Barnes said: “I had heard a lot about their reputation, who they sold to and how good they were, and I was keen to get on board. People know the brand and quality of it. There is a lot of competition out there, but it is a good product and holds its own”.

Porter, 39 and from Hampshire, added: “I am really enjoying my role with the Palace Chemicals family. Being supported so well by the internal sales staff, gives me maximum availability to spend face to face with customers in the field. I wanted to work for Palace – for the family feel environment and wanting to build the customer base with the proven product range”.

Palace Chemicals continues to invest heavily in the areas of quality control and research & development. One result has been the recent renewal of the company’s ISO9001 accreditation, first awarded to Palace in 1985.

Jim Percival, technical director at Palace, said: “These departments are undergoing much investment as we are often the first port of call when customers call in.

“Typically, a tiler may contact us regarding the correct use of a product. Or have a technical query regarding a full spectrum of product requirements. We mainly receive enquiries regarding tile adhesives, but also receive calls on our coatings, treatments and DIY products too.

“Research and development is one area that, as a business, we are investing heavily in because we are always looking at new products for our sales team to sell. It’s not just about developing new products; we also must ensure that they (along with all existing products) meet the current standards too”.

Along with the huge company push on sustainability, Palace is also looking to the three new staff members to explore alternative packaging solutions to further enhance the firm’s environmental credentials.

As Simon Clough, Palace’s sales director and one of the firm’s longest-serving employees puts it, “the future looks very bright indeed for Palace Chemicals”.

“I’ve been part of the Palace family for more than 40 years, and I’m proud to say that we’ve never been in a stronger position. Our products and service are second to none and this is the result of building a fantastic team around us. We have some long serving staff, which is something of a rarity these days, so the customer always feels that they are talking to the same person, which is key to building long term relationships with our customers.

“I’m delighted to welcome our new colleagues on board and look forward to delivering on our very future”.

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