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Pride in Palace “key to a dynamic company culture”

For Palace Chemicals, the company states, sustainability and customer service are two sides of the same coin, both stemming from its “caring philosophy” going back over 45 years.

Customer service, sustainability and industry leading levels of staff retention are hallmarks of the way Palace has conducted its business ever since it was founded in 1978, the company says.

As an example, the company describes itself as “intensely loyal” to customers and suppliers. Many customers have been with the company since the early days, and the same can also be said of its suppliers and indeed staff.

Palace says it has always prided itself on its friendly working environment. According to the company: “All members of the team buy into the same ethos, and all see it through together. With a high degree of staff continuity, the company culture has the feel of a family! The directors themselves have been with the business for an average 30+ years, providing a level of industry knowledge, consistency and specialism which is second to none.”

Consistent feedback reportedly shows customers value dealing with the same Palace representatives over time – in some cases decades. The company believes that personal connections are the bedrock of its relationships within the industry.

“It’s a part of our business philosophy, our company culture, to avoid chopping and changing and to build up long-term relationships with our staff and our business partners,” says Wayne Clapham, joint managing director. “That’s how we ultimately deliver the best service and the best prices to our customers. It is also, I believe how we are known in the community, and is how we are able to recruit the brightest and best to join our team, as and when the need arises.”

Current developments show this is not about to change, the company says. Recently, for example, the company has introduced shortened ETA delivery slots including live tracking for some customers. This enables it to provide customers either with an approximate two-hour delivery slot or with the ability to live track the delivery vehicle on its way to them with their order.

This is one example of how Palace is “continually” looking to serve its customers better. Customers value and benefit from the reassurance that any order placed with Palace Chemicals will be met in full and on time. The company is able to make guarantees to its customers on order fulfilment, on account of the consistent investment it has made in its production processes over many years, which allows maximum flexibility on the production line.

As one of the UK’s largest tile adhesive manufacturers, Palace describes itself as “fully committed and aware” of its responsibility to play its part in the drive towards net zero carbon by 2050. This extends all the way to the day-to-day operations of the business. On the sustainability front, the company says it’s very careful in its manufacturing processes and with regard to the raw materials it uses to minimise its environmental impact.

In a recent initiative, the company has installed motion sensors throughout its premises, meaning lights only come on as and when required. This not only improves the working environment for staff but ensures wastage of energy is minimised. This follows fast on the heels of the installation of more than 300 solar panels, commissioned this year, now reportedly supplying 50% of the electricity requirements of the business. Additionally, the rest of Palace’s energy is supplied from a provider which only supplies renewable energy, meaning all its requirements are now met from renewables, the company says.

Together these achievements amount to what the company calls its “Pride in Palace” campaign – a celebration of what the company has achieved and built over its 45 years, not from the point of view of resting on its laurels, but from a perspective of continual improvement, where the company benchmarks its performance against industry norms and the performance and product ranges of its competitors. According to Palace: “This means the company is best-placed to continue providing leading edge products and the best possible customer service in the years to come.”

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