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Stay focused on design – choose a strong connection

Minimalist style bathrooms create a blissful, relaxed experience through their sleek appearance and accentuated fittings. Shower fittings, shower screens and tiles drive the project, but the shower tray is also an integral element of the interior design. Linear drainage in particular enhances the aesthetic and functionality of contemporary bathrooms in a discreet yet stylish way. No need for awkwardly-angled cut tiles, so a flawless finish is always guaranteed.

wedi Fundo shower elements minimise joints and offer unrivalled reassurance through their dry-fit drain technology reducing the risk of leaks and failures to the very minimum. The different linear solutions include near to wall and close to wall appearances, to be installed flush with the floor or on top of the floor e.g. on the footprint of the old shower tray or bath tub. The drainage channel can be inlaid with the same tile finish as the rest of the floor creating a “hidden” appearance, or enhanced with wedi’s new metallic channel covers.

Features and advantages at a glance

  • Tiling: directly tileable without the need for priming
  • Waterproofing: the whole shower element is 100% waterproof to its core
  • Floor structure: straightforward and quick to install in/on both concrete and timber floors
  • Installation: dry-fit drain technology and clever accessories reduce risk of failure, time and labour
  • Aesthetic: sophisticated drain channel to blend in or provide a visually striking contrast to surrounding design

Technical data of wedi Fundo linear shower solutions

  • Installation heights: shower element plus drainage 76 -140mm
  • Channel lengths: 300, 700, 800, 900, 1100mm
  • Flow rates: 24l/m, 30l/m, 48l/m, 66l/m

Having joined the ARDEX Group in 2021, wedi systems are now aligned with Ardex solutions providing a complementary systemised approach for creative bathroom design. As part of the same family, Ardex and wedi join forces offering endless possibilities in bathroom design; a strong connection to build on with unrivalled security whatever the challenge may be on the construction site.

Therefore, from now on, wedi can offer not only 100% waterproof and loadbearing (133kg/sqm) XPS tilebacker boards and shower elements with either point or linear drainage, but as part of the Ardex Group, also compatible adhesives and grouts for direct tiling without the need for additional waterproofing – everything required beneath the tiles from a single source.

Why choose the holistic wedi-Ardex system?
For unrivalled peace of mind

  • 100% waterproof XPS substrates
  • Unrivalled ease and safety of installation
  • Compatible adhesives and grouts

For unlimited freedom in design

  • Interlocking, modular XPS elements with 40 years’ pedigree
  • Fully tanked directly tileable floor-to-ceiling system
  • No worries about compatibility of different brands

10-year comprehensive UK & Ireland product warranty

  • One source, one responsibility
  • Tried and tested by industry professionals
  • On-site training of contractors for qualifying projects g

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