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RUBI introduces blades for natural stone

RUBI, a producer of manual and electric tile cutters, has added to its line of diamond blades for landscaping with the SPT, TPL and SPL blades, available in sizes 250 to 350.

The range includes three categories; Pro, Superpro and Premium, to cover different areas of work.
Established within the tiling sector, the company has now branched into the construction and landscaping world with many products designed to suit the needs of the professionals in these industries.

On top of this range, RUBI has a selection of blades suitable for various materials, including natural stone. A few blades to note from this selection are the SHR pro blade, a general-purpose segmented blade that comes in sizes 250 and 350, and the EMG Superpro blade, which is suitable for cutting marble and limestone.

Whether it’s a new product launch or updating a current machine, RUBI keeps the needs of tilers, landscapers, and construction workers in mind, the company says. Due to this, the company has released various electric cutters suitable for all of these industries.

When it comes to more demanding materials, such as 20mm and 30mm floor and wall tiles, RUBI offers a blade and machine designed to make working with these thicker materials as easy as possible. RUBI’s collection of electric cutters, including its DC 250 Python, DCX 250 and DX 350, is suitable for working with materials such as porcelain, concrete, natural stone, and brick.

The DC 250 Python boasts the C3 Python cooling system which cools and cleans the blade with each cut. This machine also incorporates the company’s patented zero-dust system, allowing professionals to work safely for longer, with correct use and wearing appropriate PPE.

For more intensive use with porcelain and natural stone, the DCX 250 is the ideal choice, RUBI says. With a reinforced aluminium chassis, thick off-road style wheels and plunge effect, the machine is designed for the harsh conditions landscapers work with year-round, allowing them to work with a larger variety of materials and offering the ability to make changes to the cutting height to suit the tiles being cut.

Lastly, the DX 350 is their largest electric wet saw the company produces. This machine offers maximum versatility with a full plunge effect, allowing landscapers and construction workers to cut the most materials, including porcelain, concrete, brick, and many more.

The aluminium chassis is reinforced yet lightweight making transport to site easier, especially with the attached wheels. This machine can also make use of 300 and 350 size blades.

Additionally, supplementary accessories can be used including extension tables, which allow for working with larger format tiles.

For those who might not have as much storage space or working space on site, RUBI have also produced a range of circular cutters that run on a rail system.

The TC range of cutters, which includes the TC 125 and TC 180, are suited for those with limited storage space yet work with various materials and want the versatility of a machine capable of both wet and dry cuts. The range allows professionals to work with any length of tile. They are operated on a guide rail system which can have additional guides attached, creating an unlimited cutting length.

Each machine can be secured to a cutting table or placed directly on the material being cut. This is a popular option with landscapers and tilers as it allows them to cut the excess from tiles and paving slabs in situ, saving them time.

“The constant innovation and improvement of its products has made it possible for RUBI Group to specialise in tools for cutting and laying tiles for indoor and outdoor use,” the company says. “The new Wet Blades range offers the professional landscaper the latest in tile cutting technology with a complete range of wet cutting blades essential for any outdoor work and with a longer cutting life.”

These blades are designed to help tilers, landscapers, and general construction workers produce the highest quality finish with their work.

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