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How electric underfloor heating can help tradespeople go greener

Like most people across the world, tradespeople are becoming more climate conscious.

In spring 2022, a study by Rated People revealed that 63% of tradespeople were planning to go green by making eco-friendly changes, such as developing their skillset, using greener supplies or taking on ‘eco jobs’ – like installing insulation or underfloor heating.

As industry leaders in supplying electric underfloor heating to the trade, we’ve taken a look at why tradespeople are going greener and how electric underfloor heating can help them achieve this.

So, why are tradespeople going greener?

The world has become increasingly focused on a greener future and how to get there. As a result, tradespeople want to make eco-friendly changes as part of their own green agenda.

In fact, the aforementioned Rated People study revealed that 63% of tradespeople are actively making climate conscious changes. This includes a focus on recycling, reducing waste, providing quotes remotely and using British parts where possible.

Inspired by the go-green movement, more and more tradespeople are choosing to follow suit.

However, there are also two factors which mean tradespeople have no choice but to follow the go-green agenda!

Net Zero

The UK government has recently introduced significant legislative changes which are critical to ensuring the country reaches its ‘carbon neutrality’ (Net Zero) targets by 2050.

For example, changes like the alteration of Part L building regulations, which came into effect in June 2022, will continue to be introduced over the coming years.

These will have a significant impact on tradespeople as they will have to alter their practices, expand their skillsets and take on different types of jobs to meet these new rules.

Homeowner demand

Not only are government demands making the trade go green, but homeowner demands are too.

The Rated People study revealed that almost half of UK homeowners want to make changes to their property to make it more environmentally friendly. This is up from 35% in 2021.

Plus, the same study showed that 43% of homeowners would choose an eco-friendly tradesperson over a non-eco-friendly competitor.

Overall, there are two main reasons why tradespeople are going greener – they want to and they have to! Going greener is not only a choice, but it’s a smart business move and a legal requirement too.

How can electric underfloor heating help tradespeople go greener?

As leading suppliers of underfloor heating to the trade, we know that electric underfloor heating is an energy efficient, eco-friendly investment.

We’ve summarised the three key reasons why electric underfloor heating can help tradespeople go greener.

It’s energy efficient

Installing and running electric underfloor heating is incredibly energy efficient.

Compared to a conventional boiler and radiator system which runs at around 70°C, electric underfloor heating runs at a much lower temperature of approximately 35°C. It takes less time to heat up, using much less energy.

Also, while radiators heat the air closest to them, leading to cold spots, electric underfloor heating produces an even warmth, so all the energy produced is used effectively and efficiently.

According to the previously quoted Rated People study, electric underfloor heating is an eco home improvement which many homeowners are looking for. In fact, demand has increased more than 30%, placing it in the top 10 of eco changes consumers want to make.

With demand on the rise, tradespeople can contribute to a climate conscious future by recommending and installing electric underfloor heating for the projects they work on.

It abides by new eco-friendly legislation

Traditional heating systems – such as boilers and radiators – are quickly becoming unsuitable for future homes due to legislative changes introduced by the UK government.

In 2022, Part L Building Regulations were altered to dictate that all new-build homes must produce 31% fewer CO2 emissions than was previously acceptable, while commercial buildings must produce 27% fewer.

Further reductions are expected by 2025 as all carbon emissions from new-build properties must be 75-80% lower than before.

Conventional boiler systems produce significant CO2 emissions, meaning the legislation changes effectively make boilers incompatible with the standards for future homes.

In contrast, electric underfloor heating is highly suitable as its energy efficiency means it produces considerably fewer carbon emissions, especially as it can be used with renewable energy sources too.

So, choosing electric underfloor heating for their projects means tradespeople are aligned with the latest eco-friendly legislations too.

It is compatible with a Net Zero future

In their 2020 white paper ‘Powering Our Net Zero Future’, the UK government outlined that electricity is critical to reaching Net Zero targets.

In order to reduce CO2 emissions from homes – which must be done to reach carbon neutrality – we have to shift from gas to electricity to power our heating.

Plus, the government is targeting a greater reliance on renewable energy sources which can be used effectively with electric underfloor heating.

This will significantly change the way we heat our homes as electric heating systems, including electric underfloor heating, become people’s preferred method of heating their home.

By taking on more electric underfloor heating installations, tradespeople can contribute to a Net Zero future.

How can Amber Underfloor Heating help?

Here at Amber, we have over 30 years’ experience in delivering electric underfloor heating systems to the trade. Alongside our comprehensive range of Amber products, we are the UK and Ireland’s leading supplier of DEVI products.

Our products are available through our vast network of stockists including wholesalers, distributers and kitchen, bathroom and tile showrooms across the UK.

Get in touch today to find out more about becoming a stockist of our electric underfloor heating solutions 0800 056 0494

Take a look at the full Amber range, click here for all things Amber electric.

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