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Grespania at Cersaie 2023

Grespania introduced several ranges at this year’s Cersaie exhibition in September. Of the announcements, the company said: “As part of our continual search for excellence through quality in design and technological innovation, Grespania presents new collections inspired by exclusive marble, stone and cement, incorporating new techniques that yield highly realistic finishes to satisfy the needs of interior designers and architects.”


Bierzo reportedly provides the inspiration for this porcelain collection of the same name. “With a varied texture, rich in history, this stone is quarried in central Italy,” Grespania says. “It is formed by a natural infiltration process whereby soft, elegant limestone comes into contact with more compact and resistant ancient sandstone.”

The company’s proprietary “3DTechnology” is applied to create the effect of stone that has aged over time and has been honed or worn down through use to give a polished matt look. “This balanced contrast of different textures and geological conformations come together in singular fashion, making it ideal for natural, welcoming rooms full of personality,” the company says.

Bierzo comes in four colours – Ivory, Pearl, Grey and Mocha – and three formats – 120x120cm, 60x120cm and 80x80cm – all of them rectified.

It also has three mesh-mounted mosaics, Cabernet, Jumilla and Mencia, designed for creating decorative walls.


Traditional ceramic craftsmanship inspires this series of porcelain tiles, in the small format of 7.5x30cm, designed for creating comfortable, personalised spaces.

With a marked relief inspired by handmade products, the glazes are said to take on a life of their own, creating beautiful effects.

The Boqueria series, which features a gloss finish, has an “original colour palette that ranges from a subtle grey tone to more vivid colours such as mauve or a stunning deep aqua,” according to the company.

The range is now available in white to illuminate rooms and provide a complement to the rest of the colours in the series.


Pedralbes is the perfect complement when it comes to planning spaces that feature a more emotive, ‘handmade’ look,” says Grespania. In 7.5x30cm format, satin finish and with a soft relief, it’s available in seven colours: White, Grey, Jet, Mauve, Aqua, Sapphire and Emerald. Here, the company says, colour emerges as the key to creating an atmosphere with a strong personality.


Pigmento by Grespania is a collection that features a handmade style and small format of 7.5x30cm, with a colour palette aimed to reflect the latest trend for make-up tones: White, Clay, Earth, Taupe, Grey, Sage and Navy.

It comes in a satin glaze and a grid-like pattern with bas-relief of different depths, giving rooms a “modern, up-to-date look”.


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