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Coverlam: Large format and minimal thickness for architecture

Coverlam is the result of years of research and development, says manufacturer Grespania. Thanks to the introduction of lamination pressing technology, it is now possible to produce 1200x3600mm, 1620x3240mm, 1000x3000mm, 1200x2780mm, 1200x2600mm at a thickness of 3.5mm while reportedly maintaining excellent mechanical and aesthetic properties. This broadens the scope of material application options, Grespania says, offering great potential for innovation in the fields of construction and interior design.

Coverlam Calacata Vaglie

Coverlam Calacata Vaglie is inspired by this variety of marble that comes from the quarries of Carrara. Calacata Vaglie, white in colour with oval veins ranging from bluish to reddish brown tones, is “perfect for luxury spaces that require exceptionally resistant materials,” says Grespania.

Coverlam Calacata Vaglie is 5.6mm thick with a maximum size of 1200×2780 mm and is available in a satin finish. The finish incorporates the company’s CarvedTechnology, which brings a subtle bas-relief effect to the veins to create an “extremely realistic” surface.

This collection is also available for kitchen countertops in its 12mm thick Book version.

Coverlam Surface

Describing Coverlam Surface, Grespania says: “Research, experimentation and stylistic reinterpretation in a contemporary key. Crossing these design lines, the Surface collection emerges, a simple and unique finish, essential and profound, classic and innovative.

“Surface arises from the synergy between concrete and resin, a combination of materials that creates a smooth, satin effect, pleasing to the eye and touch.”

The 5.6mm thick Coverlam Surface is available in six colours: Ivory, Sand, Sienna, Cement, Sage and Cobalt; and in 1200x2780mm, 1200x1200mm and 600x1200mm formats. The range is also available in 1000x3000mm format at 3.5 mmthickness.

The company also offers two lines in parallel to this series: the 10 mm-thick porcelain version; and an alternative white body wall tile in light tones, with two decorative pieces in micro relief. These parallel lines are designed to create a harmonious interplay of textures, enhancing any room without visually overloading it.

“Thanks to this versatility,” Grespania says, “Surface proves invaluable for comprehensive architecture and interior design projects.

“Rooms are filled with warmth, reflecting an elegant way of life while maintaining a modern, contemporary style highly valued by interior designers and architects.”

Coverlam Top: Worktops

It is now possible to achieve ultra-resistant finishes for kitchen countertops, tables or cupboards.

Thanks to its great strength, Grespania says, Coverlam Top is resistant to everyday wear and scratches on countertops, meaning it maintains its original aesthetic for longer.

Coverlam Top can also reportedly meet the most demanding needs of the home in terms of resistance to heat, chemicals and damp stains. In addition, thanks to its minimal porosity, it provides a surface that is hygienic, suitable for food preparation.

Coverlam Top Blue Roma

Coverlam Top Blue Roma technical stone series is inspired by a natural stone quarried in Turkey, known for its distinctive blue-grey colour interlaced with copper-toned veins. Coverlam presents this “supremely natural” series using its CarvedTechnology, which achieves a realistic effect through the synchronised bas-relief effect indenting the veins.   

The series comes in 1620x3240mm format and thicknesses of 12 and 20 mm in its Book version for kitchen countertops and furniture.

It is also available in 5.6 mm-thick under the Coverlam brand and as a 10 mm-thick tile in different formats under the Grespania brand.

Blue Roma is described as a hugely versatile collection, thanks to its variety of sizes and thicknesses, which makes it an excellent option for tiling countertops, floors and walls, and in other design projects, Grespania says.

Coverlam Top Camouflage

Coverlam Top Camouflage draws its inspiration from marble quarried in the north of Brazil. It features a characteristic white tone with grey and black veins and some light golden touches.

Camouflage is described as an elegant, sophisticated option for kitchen countertops. It comes in its Coverlam Top version in 12 and 20mm, in Satin finish, and with the application of CarvedTechnology, which is said to enhance the feeling of naturalness, thanks to the synchronisation of the micro-reliefs with the veins of the design.

“The attractive design of the Camouflage series by Coverlam adapts perfectly to different styles of projects, creating a warm, modern atmosphere,” says Grespania.


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