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Ultratile adhesives and grouts perform every time

UltraTile offers a portfolio of what the company describes as contractor-friendly, premium tile adhesives and grouts.

For the installation of ceramic and porcelain wall and floor tiles, the company recommends a standard set tile adhesive such as ProSS Flex. Formulated for extended workability, the product can receive light foot traffic within 16 hours and is suitable for installations where speed of set isn’t essential.

Today’s popular large format tiles demand an adhesive with enhanced grab, which is available through the company’s ProGrip FX adhesive. ProGrip FX is a fibre-reinforced, single part, semi-rapid setting, flexible tile adhesive designed for these types of tiling tasks.

The company’s ProRapid PB is a rapid setting, cementitious adhesive with increased bond strength. Polymer-modified for an enhanced performance, the product is suitable for use with popular tile formats including ceramic, mosaic and natural stone.

UltraTile says the flexible properties of its ProRapid RS rapid set tile adhesive make the product suitable for use in wet areas and with underfloor heating. Polymer-modified and designed to offer enhanced adhesion, ProRapid RS is suitable for use with most common substrates and has a set time of 2.5 hours.

Also available are ProFlex SP rapid set and ProFlex SPES standard set flexible tile adhesives, both of which are classified as S1 in accordance with EN 12004 and offer a high level of deformation for greater tolerance to movement. The S1 properties of these adhesives make them suitable for timber floor and underfloor heating systems.

Offering what the company describes as the ultimate in S2 flexibility, ProFlex S2 is designed for areas where movement or vibration can occur, including plywood, chipboard overlays, swimming pools and underfloor heating.

The product has been formulated using FibreBond technology – a process which involves the addition of fibre particles to improve its non-slip properties.

Completing the range is ProFlex CSA, a calcium sulphate aluminate based adhesive compatible with calcium sulphate screeds. This compatibility ensures low tension throughout the curing process without the need for barrier primers.

When making integral design decisions, it’s vital that you don’t compromise the aesthetics with poor grouting.

Available in 12 tones, ProGrout Flexible is reportedly suitable for use with all tile types and can be washed down with minimal effort. Designed for areas where movement and vibration is likely, the product is suitable for joint widths up to 20mm, is mould resistant and sets in 12 hours.

The product also has been developed using ColourShield Technology – a process which involves the addition of a specialist additive for lasting colour protection.

ProPave Grout, part of the company’s external tiling range, is described as a premium, decorative, brush-in jointing solution. Available in four colours, the grout is designed to create a seamless transition from tiles inside, to outdoor living areas.

Every product in the range boasts a lifetime guarantee.

Readers can learn more about UltraTile and its range of adhesives and grouts by booking a place on one of the company’s Academy Days, hosted by Alan Collins and Martin Pouncey, Technical Training and Site Support Managers.
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