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Ceramique Internationale enhances mosaics offer with exclusive new range

Ceramique Internationale has enhanced its extensive array of mosaic tiles with a series of stunning new designs.

Eight new tiles have been added to the mosaics range, offering the ever-popular mixed-material styles as well as several attention-grabbing plain coloured shapes.

Mosaics have been a key design influence since they first arrived in Europe more than 4,000 years ago and their enduring versatility is clear to see in the new Ceramique Internationale range.

Triangular Ibiza tiles, available in 260mm by 300mm sheets, are a unique and eye-catching addition to the portfolio.  With a high gloss porcelain finish in vibrant teal or simple white, the Ibiza can be dressed up or down to bring geometric finesse to any space, from a full wall to a feature border.

A classy slim profile is a defining feature of Piano mosaic tiles.  Both Piano White and Piano Grey, available in 300mm by 300mm sheets, have gentle speckles in their glaze, adding a groovy twist to the graceful Nordic vibe.

The Romans took mosaic to a new level, using ceramic or glass to add colour and shine to the traditional pebble and mortar designs and this captivating look is captured in CI’s new mosaic ranges.  Random-mix tiles Cotto Grigio, available in 300mm by 300mm sheets, combine gently time-worn concrete/cement effect porcelain squares with a modern twist of coordinating glass.  Designed to work harmoniously together, these materials will bring a touch of calm to a bathroom, or cool sophistication to a kitchen.

The Safari design (above) stacks cute grey bricks of real marble in combination with decorative glass and iron-effect brushed metal in 300mm by 300mm sheets, which will deliver the wow factor to a kitchen or bathroom – equally suited to a stand-alone feature wall or to accent natural grey wall tiles.

Alpha Silver offers a hint of the space-age to enliven a plain tile backdrop with a glistening feature border or column.  These pretty metallic silver mini hexagonals are available in 283mm by 245mm sheets – tiny tiles which make a big design statement.

The accent is on making an impact statement with stylish Imperium mosaics, a bohemian rhapsody of glitzy metallic stones, pale grey marble and Mayan-inspired decorative inserts, available in 300mm by 300mm sheets. Whether you want to spice up a grey wall in your kitchen or bathroom, or draw the eye to an alcove or splashback, these will deliver the goods.

“To say mosaics are versatile is an understatement,” says Director, Peter Vann.  “Wherever and however they are used, they inject a unique style and energy.  They are a timeless feature in design but always manage to bring something new to any surface or location.  This latest collection offers the durability and cost-efficiency we are known for, while bringing an exciting new dimension to our extensive mosaics range.”

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