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Trusted treatments for all types of tile & stone

LTP’s surface care range includes trusted protection and maintenance solutions for all types of tile and stone. From deep cleaners and sealers, to removers and restoration treatments, the British-made range offers a safe solution for all installations, inside and outside.

Spring & summer deep cleaning
For floor and patio renovations – and for deep cleaning tiles prior to sealing – the company’s products include LTP Grimex. An intensive cleaner and stripper, this product is designed to remove oil, grease, ingrained dirt, grime and old layers of wax and it’s safe to use on all types of natural and engineered stone. Different dilutions can be used according to the condition of the pavers, from a 1:10 dilution for mild staining, to neat application for extreme build-up.
External pavers stained with slippery black spot, lichen, moss and algae will benefit from a targeted treatment with LTP Blackspot & Algae Remover. This treatment is designed to break down microspores and black spot ‘hyphae’ before they colonise. It’s acid-free, so it is safe to use on acid-sensitive stone as well as engineered tiles. Applied neat, the treatment is left to absorb for two to four hours and pavers are then hosed thoroughly with clean water.

Protecting newly laid and renovated tiles
For new installations and existing tiles that haven’t been protected, application of an impregnating sealer will provide multiple aesthetic and performance benefits, as well as aiding maintenance. The LTP range includes LTP External Stone Sealer, Mattstone H2O and Colour Intensifier & Stainblock H2O. Other options include MPG H2O – formulated for polished marble, porcelain and granite – and barrier treatment, Porcelain Tile Protector. The barrier is designed to protect the surface of a textured matt porcelain tile from grout and jointing compound during installation, making it easier for the residue to release and be cleaned out of the textured finish.

Restoration treatments & troubleshooters
To restore the colour of faded black pavers, LTP says its Blackstone Sealer & Restorer provides a long-term solution, by protecting the surface and creating a permanent colour enhancement. Also a water-based impregnator, this treatment contains a permanent colour intensifying pigment. It can be used on limestone, marble, slate and concrete pavers. To maintain a very dark, pristine finish, the company recommends annual treatment, although a treated stone will reportedly maintain a far darker aesthetic than an untreated stone for around 4-5 years.

The range also includes solutions to treat specific issues, including rust stains – caused by metal objects and due to iron break out, epoxy resin, grout haze, oxidised linseed oil, congealed fat, wax and paint.

Aftercare for tiles and stone
For ongoing maintenance, LTP offers pH neutral cleaners for all tile types, including Multipurpose Cleaner and Stonewash – each in a no-rinse spray, Porcelain Floor Tile Cleaner and Waxwash. Other treatments include LTP Floorshine – designed to clean and renovate dull tiles, wood and laminate surfaces – and treatments to deep clean and protect grout joints. g
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