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Surface care for the new season

LTP’s range provides a suite of surface care products, with water-based solutions designed for all types of tile and stone, in residential and commercial settings. Manufactured in the UK, treatments benefit from the most advanced research in water-based technology and combine high performance with low odour and low VOC formulations, LTP says. The range includes intensive cleaners, sealers, aftercare products and tools.

Deep cleaning & residue removal
As autumn approaches, the surface maintenance focus switches to indoor areas. Most tiles will benefit from a deep clean to remove a build-up of residue, especially those subjected to heavy traffic and floors that have been cleaned with detergents that contain ‘maintainers’, ie., products that create a ‘just washed’ waxy sheen. Any residue will attract dirt and make ongoing maintenance more difficult.

The company’s alkaline treatment, LTP Grimex, is designed to provide a safe, effective clean in all settings, removing organic residue including grease and oil. It can be used at different dilutions, depending on the degree of residue/staining, to deep clean or completely strip a surface. As with any deep cleaner, it’s important to allow the product sufficient surface contact time and to thoroughly rinse tiles with clean water after treatment.

A good time to protect
All stone and polished porcelain floors need to be resealed periodically and, if a floor requires a very deep clean or it has been stripped, protection may also need to be reinstated. As the surface is already stripped of dirt and residue, treatment will be quick and straight forward.

LTP’s range includes two water-based impregnating sealers, designed to protect surfaces from water, oil and grease: LTP Colour Intensifier & Stainblock H2O treats natural and artificial stone, whilst MPG Sealer H2O is designed for polished tiles.

Both treatments provide protection, without forming a film on the surface of the tile, and can be used indoors and outdoors, on wall and floor tiles. The impregnating formulations are absorbed into the tile’s porosity, while allowing the surface to breathe, strongly repelling stains and promoting easy maintenance.

LTP Colour Intensifier & Stainblock H2O is an all-in-one sealer and enhancer suitable for natural stone, artificial stone, quarry, brick, concrete and paving, with honed, rough cut and polished finishes.

LTP MPG Sealer H2O is designed for polished marble, polished and semi-polished porcelain or “lappato” including PGVT (polished glazed vitrified tiles), polished granite and encaustics. The treatment creates a natural finish, with minimal change to the original appearance. As well as protecting new installations, it can also be used in renovations; highly polished tiles can be quite vulnerable to scuffs and scratches and MPG H20 works well to cover these, making them less visible.

All LTP water-based protectors reportedly offer equal performance to their spirit-based solvent equivalents. “They just facilitate application and evaporate as the treatment dries.”

As well as providing a fast, safe and easy application, the company says, the treatments’ water-based formulations also make transportation/shipping and storage easier, and typically provide 50% greater coverage than a spirit-based solvent.

Matt porcelain tiles don’t need to be sealed after deep cleaning but they will benefit from application of a barrier treatment, like LTP Porcelain Tile Protector.

Samples and specification advice
Free samples of LTP treatments are available upon request. For specification guidance, free advice can also be accessed at https://www.ltp-productguide.co.uk.

The diagnostic and specification tool is designed to give instant feedback, identifying the correct treatment according to tile type and symptom.
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