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New eco treatments added to LTP’s portfolio

LTP has introduced three new water-based products to its surface care range: two new impregnating sealers, and a gentle and effective pH neutral cleaner.

Three new water-based formulations have been added to LTP’s extensive range of surface protection and aftercare products

They include two new impregnating sealers – LTP Colour Intensifier & Stainblock H2O, and LTP MPG Sealer – and LTP Multipurpose Cleaner, a gentle and effective pH neutral cleaner. Each of the new sealers provide protection, without forming a film on the surface of the tile, and they can be used indoors and outdoors, on wall and floor tiles.

The impregnating formulations are absorbed into the tile’s porosity, whilst allowing the surface to breathe, strongly repelling stains and promoting easy maintenance.

Unlike film-forming or topical sealers which sit on the tile surface, impregnating sealers penetrate, react and line the open pores. They create a hydrophobic and oleophobic barrier that helps to prevent deep staining and facilitates future cleaning. Once cured, water vapour permeability remains. This helps to keep any rising salts down and allows any residual moisture to escape.

New LTP Colour Intensifier & Stainblock H2O is an all-in-one sealer and enhancer suitable for all types of natural stone, artificial stone, quarry, brick, concrete and paving, with honed, rough cut and polished finishes. As well as providing protection against water and organic stains, it also helps to reduce efflorescence.

The second new product – LTP MPG Sealer H2O – is designed for polished marble, polished and semi-polished porcelain or “lappato” including PGVT (polished glazed vitrified tiles), polished granite and encaustics.

The treatment creates a natural finish, with minimal change to the original appearance. As well as protecting new installations, it can also be used in renovations; highly polished tiles can be quite vulnerable to scuffs and scratches and MPG H20 works well to cover these and helps to make them less visible.

All LTP water-based protectors offer equal performance to their spirit-based solvent equivalents. “The water or spirit elements within a sealer don’t play a part in the actual protection,” explains LTP’s Mark Atkins. “They just facilitate application and evaporate as the treatment dries.”

As well as providing a fast, safe and easy application, the treatments’ water-based formulations also make transportation/shipping and storage easier, and typically provide 50% greater coverage than a spirit-based solvent.

An all-purpose cleaner for all tile types
New LTP Multipurpose Cleaner is a gentle and effective pH neutral cleaner for walls and floors. The new rinse-free treatment is safe to use on all types of natural stone – sealed, unsealed, polished and unpolished – as well as porcelain, ceramic, glass, stainless steel and chrome.

It joins LTP’s wide range of cleaning and maintenance products, which include treatments for deep cleaning and for the removal of specific stains, including rust, mould, blackspot and algae.

Advice on-the-go
In addition to support provided by LTP’s in-house technical team, LTP’s Product Selector offers instant advice on surface care and treatment, for all types of tile and stone. The free online resource – at ltp-productguide.co.uk – identifies the correct treatment according to surface type and symptom, with continuous updates to include the latest tile finishes and related issues. As well as providing support for tile and stone specifiers, installers and end users, Product Selector is also a valuable retail sales aid and training tool.

Designed to give an answer within one minute, LTP has modelled its Product Selector on “user-friendly railway ticket machines”. Users select surface type, activity – either cleaning, sealing, aftercare or tooling up – and symptom. They are then instantly shown the product recommendation. Complementary products can also be displayed and results added to a ‘my choices’ tab. These choices can then be emailed back to the user or customer, for reference later.

The popular resource has been deliberately designed in web format, rather than as an APP. As a result, it can be instantly updated without having to issue a complete APP refresh. The resource is also stand-alone, and not connected to any form of online shop, so retailers can be assured that potential sales are not directed elsewhere.
T: 01823 666213 E: [email protected]
W: https://www.ltp-online.co.uk

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