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A day in the life

Scott, a field sales/technical support specialist at Jackon by Bewi, describes what an average day looks like in the role.

My day starts much like everybody else; I get up early, shower and make my way downstairs for the most important part of my morning routine, coffee.

Taking my first coffee I check my phone for any overnight voicemail messages and emails, to make sure there is nothing urgent I need to tend to before I hit the road. My diary fills up quickly and it’s not unusual for it to be full for the next few months ahead. I learned to be flexible very quickly as I can wake up and have to change or rearrange that day because something urgent has arisen (like designing, sourcing material, and implementing a display stand for the TTA awards!)

Playlist sorted, sat-nav set, second coffee – check. We’re off. Second task of the day? The M60 morning traffic!

As an ex-branch manager, I know the feeling you get when you lift the shutter to open the shop, only to see a sales rep waving at you. I try and time my first call of the day after the morning rush. Most places I visit open at 7:30 am, so I try and arrive early, but not too early. After all, I have a busy day and plenty of people to see.

Each visit to a customer differs, some save a load of questions to ask you, others want freebies, some don’t want to talk to you at all!

On the way to my next customer, I could receive calls from existing or prospective customers, or general enquiries coming through the technical line. Technical calls can range from: “Can I put it on the floor?” to in depth queries regarding steam rooms, shower rooms, and on the odd occasion “a shower for my dog”! I don’t get surprised by questions anymore… there’s no such thing as a stupid question if you don’t know the answer! And that’s what I’m here for.

Occasionally I will have booked in training sessions where I go into shops and conduct either one to one or group training sessions. This allows me to get to know my customers better and gives them a more detailed understanding of our products. These training sessions are great for allowing the customers to pass on the questions they’re getting asked and to help them answer them with confidence in their shops.

Along my journey plan, I will always have potential customers mapped out to call on to promote the Jackoboard brand and grow the business where possible.

My typical day will continue like this, unless a call comes in that requires me to rearrange my diary. Some days I might meet up with my boss (Mike McCann – yep, the Mike McCann) to discuss any upcoming business and bounce ideas off each other. I look forward to these days as its nice to break up the routine – and he pays for lunch!

Now it’s time to head home, but my working day hasn’t finished yet. I check my emails for any I may have received that day that I haven’t yet actioned, rearrange my diary if needed and send orders into the office. (And remind Mike to eat again!)

I’m home, the day’s work complete, I’m satisfied I’ve done everything I needed to, spoke to everybody I needed to. It’s time to sit back and relax when… the work phone rings. The Mrs fires that look across the room, and I try to resist, but before I know it… “Hello, Jackoboard, Scott speaking.”

What would I say to somebody looking to make the switch to field sales/technical support?
I’d say go for it, you wont look back! I would advise trying to work in a sector that you already have previous knowledge on as this would make the transition to the role a lot easier. In my background, I have managed tile shops, but also sold the products that I now promote, so I already had knowledge and confidence in the products. Make the role your own. Everybody does the role differently, don’t be a carbon copy of somebody else!

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