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Rubi partners with CAS for large format

Large format tiling has become far more popular over recent years, tool manufacturer Rubi says, and with these advances in tiling your equipment needs to evolve too. That’s why the company has partnered with CAS to deliver adaptations to its products, including the E-10 Energy mixer.

Building upon the original RUBIMIX E-10, this mixer marks the debut of the CAS battery-powered product family. The CAS system, developed by Metabo and a European battery manufacturer, enhances the versatility of this product.

The RUBIMIX E-10 Energy CAS is the first product in the CAS line. It’s introduced as an adaptable, battery-powered electric mixer for blending cementitious adhesives, resins, paints, and other materials. Additionally, it’s said to be efficient, lightweight, and durable, standing out for its brushless motor and, above all, the 18V CAS battery. CAS technology is designed to provide professionals with freedom of movement, offering the convenience of working without cables.

The long battery life of the mixer reportedly allows professionals to work with large areas, mixing adhesives for large format tiles with ease. Its 2-speed gearbox allows users to mix adhesives, resins, and paints at either 420rpm or 700rpm to achieve the best consistency.

According to Rubi, every aspect of the mixer has been designed with the comfort and efficiency of the installer in mind for their daily work. It features what’s described as an ergonomic design, including a dual bi-material handle for greater comfort and product durability.

Furthermore, the electric mixer enhances user safety. As a portable mixer powered by the CAS battery, it eliminates cables from the construction area, thus preventing potential accidents. Additionally, it provides greater freedom to the professional by removing cable length restrictions. Its progressive start feature also prevents potential injuries with unintentional start-up during use and reduces splashing.

The 5.2Ah battery gives users an approximate capacity of up to 90L of mixing, which equates to around 3 bags of cementitious adhesive. A full recharge of the battery lasts around 180 minutes, with an LED display to indicate the level of charge remaining for the user.

Further adding to its partnership with Metabo and the CAS system, RUBI has developed a selection of tools designed to aid the daily life of the tile setter, especially those working with large format tiles.

Along with its battery-powered mixer, the company has updated its Triller, a vibrating tamping machine designed to reduce and remove air pockets under tiles, to now be operated with a 12v CAS battery. The design includes speed control, allowing tilers to get the best results on tiles that are L, XL, XXL and more from 3mm to 100mm thick.

In addition to these updates, the company has introduced a new product called the Quake Energy, a lightweight and smaller tile vibrator aimed for working with vertical and elevated tiles.

The product also includes a suction cup feature to adhere to each tile during the tamping process for easier use. The suction cup has a load capacity of up to 50kg and a continuous working time over an hour.

Finally, the company has also developed a battery-powered suction cup. The OCTO Plus battery suction cup features an 18v battery with a max load capacity of up to 140kg. The design of this product is similar to the company’s current GSC-200. The new battery adaptation increases the lifting power, making it more suitable for the heavier and larger size tiles that are becoming more common.

The RUBIMIX E-10 Energy CAS, along with the other products RUBI has incorporated into the cordless system with CAS, is said to reaffirm the company’s “commitment to providing quality tools to the professional tiler”. Tilers can expect to see these products hitting the market early in 2024, with the E-10 electric mixer currently being available to buy from stockists.

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