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RUBI Group launches RUBI Academy to “professionalise the tiling trade”

RUBI Group regularly develops multiple training projects in accordance with its corporate purpose: “Better professionals. Better places.” Through these offerings, it aims to build better spaces every day with the help of the best professionals.

For this reason, with more than 70 years of expertise training, promoting and supporting the ceramic tile installer, the group has brought together its training expertise under the RUBI Academy: an inclusive and accessible space designed to continuously train present and future professionals in ceramic tile installation.

The RUBI Academy offers all the training and information through the company’s website in three main blocks. The first is webinars, consisting of live or recorded training on tips, tricks, usability of tools and discovery of best practices.

The second block is tutorials, which will reportedly be updated and published in both formats: video and downloadable. This content will cover specific topics in depth, including: installation of large format ceramic tiles, tile installation guide, types of tile blocks, levelling systems and installation of 20mm tiles, among others.

In the third major block, the monthly calendars of training events will be available on the website, with all the national and international events for each market.

Finally, the academy will also support other training initiatives, such as the RUBI Scholarship, an initiative designed for future professionals. It will also collaborate and promote training events for women in the world of construction.

With this focus on teaching, RUBI aims to work towards the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals selected within its global strategy of Corporate Social Responsibility. Specifically, the company aims to meet the goals: “4. Quality education”, “8. Decent work and economic growth”, “10. Reducing inequalities” and “17. Partnerships to achieve the goals”.

In addition, the academy offers its own physical space in the main production and logistics facilities of RUBI Group located in Santa Oliva (Tarragona, Spain): a classroom for theoretical training and another space for practical training with more than 580sqm for teaching.

The company concludes: “With all this, the RUBI Academy is consolidated as an accessible and quality training space, which in turn is a physical and virtual meeting point for professionals in the sector. In this way, giving greater recognition and visibility to the tiler’s profession, making it accessible and bringing it closer to the people. At the same time, the RUBI Academy will also continue to dignify and enhance the important role of the ceramic tile installer in the world of building.”

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