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Retrofit including internal insulation – Energy efficient bathroom renovations

Only a few people recognise the bathroom as the warmest room in the entire house, meaning that an enormous energy-saving potential lies dormant, until the installer brings it to the table when consulting with clients.

For most people, the bathroom is a cosy oasis of wellbeing. However, especially in older buildings, the quality of insulation is lacking and therefore the bathroom takes a long time to heat up and is unable to store heat that, of course, badly affects the energy consumption. The importance of addressing thermal insulation during the early stages of consultation is hence imperative.

Depending on the external wall, the energy-consumption can be reduced by up to 70% with the installation of internal insulation – wedi building boards are not only 100% waterproof to their core and offer an ideal base for direct tiling, but also have outstanding thermal qualities. Taking an 80s bathroom with 2 external walls and a floor area of 6.2 square metres as an example, the possible savings are impressive: an internal insulation with just 20mm thick wedi building boards can reduce energy costs by up to £287 per year!

As heat pump operated heating systems emerge in aid of lessening the effects of climate change, it is important to highlight that traditional radiators are not the best complement for these systems from an energy efficiency perspective. With heat pumps, a large heating surface area is required to achieve comfortable temperatures quickly and therefore to make the most of the switch, underfloor heating would be the ideal choice. Many people however are not aware that such concealed heating can not only be installed under floors but also behind walls!

The wedi PreLine is a type of wedi building board with pre-cut grooves for easy laying of the pipes of hot-water underfloor heating (maximum pipe diameter 16mm). Taking advantage of the excellent thermal properties of the blue XPS core, the wedi PreLine prevents heat-escape and insulates the bathroom from the inside! It is available in 30/40/50mm thickness to suit – naturally, greater the thickness better the insulation.

Using wedi boards for interior insulation results in:

  • reduced energy bills
  • lower carbon-footprint
  • increased property value
  • maximised heating efficiency
  • impressive warmth throughout
  • better compliance with sustainable building

Especially if government funding is available, the investment would pay off very quickly afterwards and the renovation would deliver an added value for decades to come. Happy clients equals enhanced reputation equals more clients and so on… Scan the QR code to the right to sign up for our FOC training course.


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