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NoMorePly board benefits make it “ideal” for bathroom walls

When embarking on a bathroom renovation project, the foundation is a crucial step that can help to guarantee both aesthetic appeal and longevity. STS says its range of NoMorePly backing boards offer a range of benefits that make them an “ideal” choice for bathroom wall projects. Thanks to their resilience, solidity and superior water resistance, STS says, fibre cement tile backing boards are becoming the material of choice for bathroom renovations.

Moisture resistance
Bathrooms and wetrooms are notorious for their high humidity levels, which can wreak havoc on traditional building materials, especially ply and plasterboard. NoMorePly tile backing boards are said to excel in this environment, thanks to their exceptional moisture resistance. Unlike most construction materials, STS says, fibre cement boards won’t swell, warp, or degrade when exposed to moisture. This property ensures the bathroom wall remains structurally sound and free from unsightly water damage or mould growth.

Enhanced durability
NoMorePly 12mm tile backing boards are very durable, STS says. Their composition is a blend of cement, cellulose fibres, and additives, which reportedly grants them remarkable durability. Even when confronted with heavy daily use, they will be more resistant than traditional building materials. They’re said to be less likely to warp and will maintain their integrity for a long time by providing a solid surface for bathroom tiles to adhere to. The product can also deal with heavy foot traffic or accidental impacts, STS says.

Excellent tile adhesion
A successful tile installation heavily depends on a stable and even surface. NoMorePly 12mm fibre cement tile backing boards are said to offer a consistent flat base for your tiles to ensure secure and uniform adhesion. This minimises the risk of tiles cracking, popping, or becoming loose over time.

Ease of Installation
Fibre cement tile backing boards are easy to install, STS says, making them suitable for professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts. These boards can be cut to size using regular tools, although specialist cutting tools such as the NoMorePly Carbide Tipped Scoring Tool, TCT Jigsaw Blade or TCT NoMorePly Multi-Tool blade, will provide a more precise cut.
Once cut, 12mm fibre cement tile backing boards can be installed using the NoMorePly specially designed fibre cement screws and MegaStrength specialist adhesive products for a strong and sound wall finish.

Compatibility with various tile types
Whether working with ceramic, porcelain, glass, or natural stone tiles, fibre cement backing boards are reportedly compatible with many tile materials.

Fire resistance
Another advantage of fibre cement tile backing boards is their exceptional fire resistance. Unlike many traditional building materials that contain timber or wood pulp, fibre cement boards stand out for their high resistance to fire and flame spread. The NoMorePly boards from 6mm to 22mm offer a Class A1 fire rating for internal and external use. “With benefits ranging from superior moisture resistance to excellent tile adhesion, these boards provide a solid foundation that ensures your bathroom remains beautiful and functional for years,” the company concludes. “Don’t compromise on quality – opt for fibre cement tile backing boards and enjoy a bathroom space that stands the test of time.”
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