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Masterpiuma P5: design at the cutting-edge

Brevetti Montolit’s new range of Power 5 tile cutters boast the performance characteristics that have made Masterpiuma the world-wide leader in the field of professional tile cutters and has been redesigned to tackle both tough porcelain and also extremely delicate vitrified tiles. TSJ reports.

The new Power 5 tile cutter range from Brevetti Montolit is based on the fundamental advantage of ‘All in One’ (always ready for action!) and includes the distinctive characteristics that have made Masterpiuma the world-wide leader in the field of professional tile cutters.

Everything has been redesigned to tackle the most recent and innovative ceramic materials, including new formats of increasingly tough porcelain but also extremely delicate vitrified tiles, with a view to providing an overall improved performance.

Five dynamic characteristics
Structured modular frame
The light alloy frames are sized and structured in the points of greatest stress with the insertion of reinforcement brackets and ribs that optimise the behaviour of the machine for front cuts, thick cuts, or full body porcelain.

Multifunctional goniometrical square
The oversized goniometric square is almost symmetrical and can rotate both to the right (+ 45 °) and to the left (- 45 °), allowing precise cuts, in succession, at any angle thanks to the ingenious folding stop, maintaining an impressive Montolit feature: being able to be closed within the shape of the machine.

This feature is ideal for accuracy, as well as setting up and closing quickly on the job site, improving handling and transportation.

Strength indicators
The incision handle contains many advantages. The operator can manage the incision depth and the splitting force. The pressure exerted can be controlled and modulated perfectly at the user’s discretion.

The handle guides the operator according to the requirements dictated by the different materials, meaning that the operator can face structured, very thick tiles (up to 20mm), or very thin glass mosaic, without any fear. The work in designing and modelling of the handle gives even more advantages to the sensitive nature of push engraving.

The double trestle splitting system has a built-in scratch-resistant polymer. This is a single component piece which can be closed for normal cuts (this doesn’t require any retraction of the handle after the first incision), and then opened for cuts on the corners of tiles or for mosaic sheets.
The integrated lubricant which can be used, when required, by giving a slight squeeze on the dispenser.

The tungsten carbide engraving wheel, coating in titanium, is clearly visible, and is guaranteed for 5,000 metres. When required, wheel replacement is quick and easy.

The R.A.S. (roller adjuster system) is a cylinder made of anti-friction and wear-resistant material that always maintains contact with the bar / crosspiece, effectively eliminating any lateral movement. This guarantees perfect sliding of the incision handle and, therefore, always super-precise engravings.

Lateral supports
An expanded support surface (63P5), or robust die-cast aluminium wings, are perfectly integrated into the frames, ensuring an improved support to large tiles with diagonal cuts, without leaving the machine profile.

Designed for large sizes   
The Masterpiuma Power 5 range of super-professional tile cutters includes models 63P5 (630 by 630mm), 75P5 (750 by 750mm) and 93P5 (930 by 930mm), and the brand new 131P5 (1,310 by 1,310mm) and 161P5 (1,610 by 1,610mm). These have been added to better accommodate the latest trends in ceramic tiles.

All components are 100% recyclable, and the machines are 100% Made in Italy.
T: +39 0332 419 211
E: [email protected]
W: https://www.montolit.com/en/

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