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“XL-ent” floor tiling with BAL XL Floor One

BAL, a supplier of full tiling solutions, has launched an improved flexible thick-bed tile adhesive for large format floor tiles.

Replacing the Pourable One product in its range, BAL’s XL Floor One is said to be a significant upgrade, with extended open time an working time – taking some of the stress out of large format floor tiling.

Extended open and working times of the gel rheology of XL Floor One mean the adhesive remains wetter, smoother and creamier for longer, offering improved workability.

The product is reportedly easy to work with and apply, and with an extended pot life of 90 minutes and open time of 60 minutes, fixers can confidently spread over larger areas with plenty of time to adjust tiles as they work, and still ensure they have no product wasted by going off.

The product can also be grouted in 6 hours, ensuring fast track project completion the next day.
Mixed with a reduced water content of 4 litres per 25kg bag, XL Floor One holds its high-gel shape when trowelled with ribs, sitting up to 25mm without any slumping, the company says, yet ribs will collapse readily when tiles are vibrated or twisted for solid bed coverage. This means that back-buttering is not always required with flat backgrounds and tiles.

If needed, the product can be built up to 25mm bed depth for levelling small areas or patch repair, making it suitable for uncalibrated natural stone where consistent bed depths can’t always be achieved.

With a flexible and strong bond, the company says this product is also suitable for laying its Rapid-Mat or Flexbone VAried uncoupling mat when spread with a 4mm notched trowel.

Water and frost resistant, XL Floor One is BAL’s recommended tile adhesive for laying porcelain, ceramic or natural stone on external concrete beds.

Even on tampered concrete, the company says, the product provides excellent coverage for 20mm porcelain pavers and other external tiles.

Alex Underwood, head of marketing, said: “After listening to our fixers and contractors, we have developed a new floor tile adhesive that provides better workability when tiling large format floor tiles and panels which are seemingly getting bigger year-on-year.

“The improved working and open times give fixers that bit longer to trowel, move, install and adjust large tiles and panels – without worrying that the adhesive may skin over on the floor or go off in the bucket. This may seem minimal – but in reality, this makes a huge difference within installations.

“BAL XL Floor One can be used up 25mm bed depths if necessary for small levelling or patch repair, while back-buttering is not always necessary either saving significant project time and costs.

“Smoother and creamier to use, contractors have praised the workability and usability of the product compared to other thick-bed floor adhesives – making for easier and quicker large format tiling.”

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