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Unrivalled system security without the issue of compatibility

Renowned for its precision engineered waterproofing solutions made in Germany, wedi’s system solutions guarantee reduced work steps, minimised risks and labour with much fewer installation accessories required resulting in fast project completion and peace of mind for both the installer and the end user.

Why choose wedi for your shower area?

  • 100% waterproof floor-level shower element of the wedi Fundo range that has been awarded ‘brand of the century’ for exemplifying walk-in showers
  • Industry famous 360 degree dry-fit drain technology providing unrivalled peace of mind even in moisture sensitive, ever moving timber floors
  • Special joint sealing kit that provides a guaranteed flexible/universal seal to a variety of materials such as wood, concrete or plasterboard for example
  • Functional design elements such as seats, benches and niches as well as ready-to-install partition walls to create a wellness shower experience
  • Antibacterial, one-piece design surfaces 100% made of recycled materials such as a matching design surface for the shower floor, for a wedi bench or a wedi niche, and large-format design panels for the walls

All developed as a result of wedi’s close collaboration with industry professionals with over 39 years’ pedigree.

What else do you need for reassurance?
All wedi XPS substructure elements such as Fundo shower elements, Sanoasa benches or Sanwell niches as well as wall elements:

  • Come with their own Environmental Product Declaration
  • Are manufactured with 100% green energy
  • Are 100% waterproof to their core, no additional tanking is required
  • Are energy efficient thanks to their excellent thermal insulation
  • Are directly tileable without priming or ready to receive wedi’s Top design surfaces as an antibacterial, warm to touch, seamless alternative
  • When installed as a system achieve a CE mark

Seamless design surfaces of the wedi Top Line such as the Fundo Top, Sanwell Top, I-Board Top, Sanoasa Top and the Top wall:

  • Are made of a mixture of 50% resin and 50% stone powder derived of recycled materials
  • Are fully recyclable
  • Are warm to touch
  • Keep surface condensation at bay
  • Are antibacterial
  • Are non-slip

Technology and design from a single source – from the pioneer of the XPS industry trusted by industry professionals worldwide.

As a certified EcoProfit operation for over 15 years, wedi’s mission is to support the industry improve its carbon credentials and to help consumers recognise the added value of having a ‘green’ home with low energy bills. Always at the cutting edge of innovation, wedi will bring several new products to the market in 2023 as well as a brand new training programme. Keep your ears and eyes open!

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