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Stone-effect tiles: Classic ceramic chameleons

Jayne Adamson, Marketing Manager for Verona, looks at today’s stone-effect tiles: from luxurious large formats with dramatic smoky veining through to tactile, contemporary, textured-effects.

A versatile, ever popular option for upgrading living spaces, marble and stone-effect tiles have been adorning walls and floors for years now.

Long before this the real materials were used to decadently decorate homes, but today, thanks to modern production techniques, stone and marble-effect tiles are now widely available delivering the same stunning aesthetic at a fraction of the cost, making the look more affordable to the mass market.

Marble and stone-effects are here to stay within the UK market. Latest designs range from luxurious large formats with dramatic smoky veining through to contemporary, textured-effects which are tactile to the touch. Suitable for both walls and floors, they are incredibly versatile and should form a core part of any retail portfolio. With a chameleon-like ability to blend into virtually any living space, they’re a strong seller year after year and offer a trusted, go-to choice for homeowners who are looking for a simple, stylish and practical solution.

Marble-effects are one of the most extensive categories. A look with guaranteed longevity, a simple marble-effect tile will last for years to come. With the savvy homeowner looking for something cost effective with timeless appeal, a marble-effect tile is an obvious choice, which is why it’s important to carry a wide selection.

Dramatic designs with dark, forking veins are most sought after in larger formats, catering for wall to floor schemes, while small formats, be it metro, hexagon or squares, are much more useable with softer patterns. Marble-effects can mould to fit most living schemes, but they are particularly good for channelling the Art Deco trend. They compliment white sanitaryware and matt black accents, but look just as striking alongside metallic bronze, copper and silver fixings.

Effortlessly luxurious, marble-effects are most popular in a high shine finish which adds to the overall aesthetic by helping to make living spaces appear brighter.

When it comes to stone-effects, anything goes. Retailers should aim to offer a range of designs from soft industrial concretes through to decorative slate and limestone formats which capture a spa-like ambiance.

Structured designs remain popular in the bathroom to zone specific areas around the bath and decorate the shower wall in an open plan wet room. Great for adding texture and interest to a room, the structure needs to be the standout feature, with the tactile quality creating a visually intriguing space.

While real marble is not suited to outdoor living, stone can be used, but is expensive and requires special maintenance to keep it looking its best. With the exact same benefits as indoor tiles, 20mm outdoor marble and stone-effect porcelain is easy to install and requires very little attention, offering the same design aesthetics but with all the practical benefits. Moss, algae and frost resistant, these tiles are particularly hardy against the harsh British weather.
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