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New directions for terrazzo-effect tiles

Supersized speckles, micro flecks, and everything in between; terrazzo tiles continue to evolve and make their mark on all areas of commercial and residential design.

So how exactly has a look synonymous with supermarket floors turned the tables to become one of the most sought after styles in luxury interiors?

Quartz and marble have long adorned worksurfaces in homes across the nation, with glittering fragments which catch the light becoming a sought after look.  However it is only in recent years that we’ve seen the terrazzo look emerge in other areas of the home.

A composite material made using chips of granite and glass, it is not the material itself which is making waves.  Instead the appeal lies in the diversity of the material’s design potential.

From appliances and crockery to bathroom accessories and tiles, there is a hunger for terrazzo which has far surpassed expectations. Designed to suit today’s contemporary interiors, terrazzo in its modern form is a style choice for the brave, delivering a striking statement to walls and floors through contrasting flecks and vibrant colour palettes.   

Terrazzo tiles were made to take centre stage, so pair the design with a something that will complement it and allow it to dominate. A minimal concrete effect tile will sit nicely alongside terrazzo, while still tapping into the raw, industrial look. This would work particularly well within dark, moody design schemes, but for a softer aesthetic, opt for shades of blush, peach, powder blue and sage, or for a decadent Art Deco look, look no further than brass accents and high gloss finishes.

Where is terrazzo heading?
If recent trade shows are anything to go off, terrazzo is still a key look influencing interiors. While kitchens and bathrooms are the obvious application areas, there is also a demand for outdoor terrazzo floor tiles.

Outdoor porcelain is still fairly new, and many homeowners are still unaware of this as an option, so there is some education needed to show how unique outdoor spaces can be with this stylish surface choice.

Traditionally outdoor areas would be plain as paving has very limited design choices, but following the buzz around outdoor porcelain there was a need for the more visual patterns.
Practical and easy to keep, outdoor porcelain tiles bring visual interest to outdoor spaces like no other surface covering.
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