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Key tile trends for 2023 from the experts at Verona

Written by Laura Hardaker-Graham, marketing manager at Verona

The past year has welcomed more choice and diversity within tiles than ever before.

While it’s still important to offer a rounded portfolio of core colours and natural stone, concrete and marble-effects, by tapping into current design trends, retailers can widen their potential to reach a whole raft of customers who want to create a statement space which reflects their personality.

For interiors that exude happiness, yellow is the perfect way to boost the mood of any interior. A pastel appearance, without looking overly powdered, yellow is a real showstopper for the more daring homeowner.

Green tiles create spaces that evoke a sense of calm and tranquillity. Heritage shades such as racing green and olive have made their comeback, but sage will continue to dominate the space, with its undeniable widespread appeal.

With thanks to TikTok, Instagram and Pinterest, 2022 welcomed the return of beige. A safe middle ground for those who want an element of ‘colour’ but in a more subtle manner which they are comfortable with, beige pairs effortlessly with dramatic monochrome accessories, natural materials such as hessian and stone and other earthy shades.

As interest in matt black accents gained popularity, homeowners have slowly become more confident with the idea of using black on walls and floors. Nothing makes a statement quite like black – it is unashamedly confident and will draw in plenty of attention.

Bringing vibrancy to surfaces, playful shades of pink make spaces pop. Chosen by many for its unique ability to add energy and charm, pink tiles will continue to form a part of 2023’s core colourways.

Hexagons, in particular, have paved the way for all manner of angular shapes, including triangles and rhomboids. Sharp, clean lines have been admired in interiors for many years. A step above the classic metro tile, these shapes deliver the same pleasing aesthetic with their repeating formation. With a whole host of finishes including marble and stone-effects, and a kaleidoscope of colours, this is where you will find the most variety in small format design.

For those who want a softer look, small format tiles with a curved edge offer something a little different. Scallops are the perfect way to create a wetroom or splashback with movement. With unrivalled visual intrigue, the curved edge can be laid vertical or horizontal to create a cascading effect.

Squares and rectangles
With its classic styling and unrivalled versatility, the Metro tile has long been a go-to choice when it comes to updating walls. They make a fantastic splashback and can be used to cover large spaces, but they are also well suited to a smaller upstand above a bathroom sink.

Blending to their surroundings, Metro tiles allow the colour to make a statement. Where we will see the most experimentation is in the layout, with stack bond, basket weave and herringbone composition all making a space more personal and design-led.

There are also square formats to consider, which offer an alternative to their elongated counterparts. Small square tiles have the same utilitarian finish, but are slightly more unexpected, making them well suited to the homeowner who seeks originality.

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