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Enhance your skillset with UltraTile’s online training courses

UltraTile says it’s passionate about supporting the tiling industry and does everything it can to further develop the careers and skills of the tilers working within it.

The company’s online Training Academy offers a wealth of resources to help tilers continue their learning and brush up on the latest tiling techniques whether at home or out on site.

Visitors to the Training Academy can learn from industry experts and esteemed members of the tiling community, as well as UltraTile’s training experts, all by registering for one of the company’s free webinars. The calendar covers a wide array of topics including external tiling, warm weather working advice, immersive tiling, laying thin porcelain tiles, large format tiling, grouting
Q & A, and more.

For those who prefer their training in-person, UltraTile invites you to visit the Training Academy to book a place on one of the company’s Academy Days. Said to be suitable for the most experienced contractors and those just beginning their tiling career, these sessions also cover a wide range of topics including tile adhesive selection, external tiling systems and substrate preparation.

UltraTile’s bespoke indoor training facilities, which were built specifically for the tiling industry, provide the “perfect location” for its Academy Days. The events are hosted by Alan Collins and Martin Pouncey, expert trainers with over 30 years experience working in the tiling and flooring industries. “You are certain to come away with lots of great tips for use on your next project,” the company says.

One such group who has benefited from UltraTile’s expertise is the Tilers Community Facebook group. Over the past 6 months, UltraTile has hosted three bespoke training days catered specifically for the members of this specialist group.

“Visit instarmactrainingacademy.co.uk and start the next chapter in your career.”
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