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Choose UltraTile for “terrific tiling every time”

UltraTile is home to a portfolio of “contractor-friendly, premium tile adhesives and grouts, perfectly suited for the tiling industry,” the manufacturer says.

For the installation of ceramic and porcelain wall and floor tiles, UltraTile recommends the use of a standard set tile adhesive such as ProSS Flex. Formulated for extended workability, ProSS Flex can reportedly receive light foot traffic within 16 hours.

Today’s popular large format tiles demand an adhesive with exceptional grab and UltraTile says its ProGrip FX offers just that. The product is a fibre reinforced, single part, semi-rapid setting, flexible tile adhesive, with fibres within the formula to to aid its adhesive capabilities.

The company’s ProRapid PB is described as a rapid setting, cementitious adhesive with increased bond strength. Polymer-modified for an enhanced performance, the product is suitable for use with tiles such as ceramic, mosaic and natural stone.

The flexible properties of ProRapid RS rapid set tile adhesive make it suitable for use in wet areas and with underfloor heating. Polymer modified and formulated with enhanced adhesion, the product is suitable for use with most common substrates and has a set time of two and a half hours.

Also available are ProFlex SP rapid set and ProFlex SPES standard set flexible tile adhesives. Both adhesives are classified as S1 in accordance with EN 12004 and have a high level of deformation for greater tolerance to movement.

According to the company: “If you’re looking for an adhesive which boasts ultimate S2 flexibility, then ProFlex S2 is the adhesive for you! The superior flexible properties of ProFlex S2 makes it the ideal choice for areas where movement or vibration can occur.”

Selecting the correct adhesive to install your chosen tiling is paramount to success, but the finishing touch is also crucial. When making such an integral design decision, it’s vital you don’t compromise aesthetics with poor grouting.

Available in 12 tones designed to suit all designs and tastes, ProGrout Flexible is suitable for use with all tile types and can be washed down with minimal effort, Ultratile says.
Every product in the range offers a lifetime guarantee.
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