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High performance bright white adhesive range from Rocatex

For more than 10 years, Rocatex has been producing its range of S1 and S2 adhesives from what the company calls the best raw materials the UK has to offer. This is demonstrated in its range of bright white adhesives developed with the UK’s leading cement chemists.

With a long history in the natural stone sector, where translucent marble and sensitive natural stone tiles require the highest performance fixing solutions, Rocatex says it has always been at the forefront of producing high quality tile adhesives.

Iain Robertson, Director, Rocatex, said: “Traditionally, cementitious tile adhesives are produced from cement, fillers, specialist polymers and modifiers. But with the filler accounting for as much as 70% of the finished product, it is arguably the most important ingredient as to how a tile adhesive performs, looks and feels. And in the case of the vast majority of UK tile adhesive manufacturers, sand is used as a filler, which unfortunately gives white tile adhesive a buff colour and a grainy texture.”

“When formulating our range of white adhesives, we took inspiration from adhesives made in Italy and Greece, where crushed white Carrara marble dust is readily available and used widely as a filler for building products. But the last time I looked, I couldn’t find a Carrara marble seam in Yorkshire, so we had to get our t’thinking caps on.”

In close working partnership with Tarmac and its team of cement chemists, over a period of a year, Rocatex developed a range of white adhesives using crushed white limestone as a filler.
“It was a game changer. Here was a natural raw material, right on our doorstep, quarried and processed to the very highest quality, but most importantly allowing our white adhesives to have the brightest white colour, the creamiest, fluffiest texture and with industry leading performance,” said Robertson.

A total of five different products are available in the range. Three S1 adhesives are offered as slow, semi-rapid or rapid set, while two S2 Ultimate adhesives are available as slow or rapid.

All five products can be used up to 20mm bed thickness and reportedly have a non-slip/non-slump ‘T’ rating (≤0.5mm) making them suitable for fixing large format tiles and natural stone.

In the S2 range, the single-part, highly flexible wall and floor tile adhesives feature very high levels of polymer and improved strength, the company says, making them suitable for use on even the most problematic substrates. From green screeds and steam rooms, to sports centres and over underfloor heating systems, these S2 adhesives are designed to offer today’s professional tiler complete peace of mind.
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