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Remedy problems on site with UltraTile’s latest product launch

UltraTile is delighted to announce the launch of ProClean – a range of professional and specialist cleaning and maintenance products for all types of tile and stone.

Even the most experienced and professional tilers can sometimes have mishaps on site. Rather than ruin a project, or have to start all over again, UltraTile’s ProClean range is designed to easily remedy common problems.

“Never return to site to remove, or clean down, grout haze with ProClean Grout Aid.” This final rinse additive’s formula reportedly helps the wash-down process achieve spotless results after grouting. Using ProClean Grout Aid is an insurance against future grouting issues, the company says.

“Effortlessly remove mortar and cement grout, efflorescence and engrained dirt with ProClean Grout Haze Remover.” This cement and grout residue cleaner is said to make light work of removing grout and residues after internal and external tile and paving installations.

“Protect your new tiles so they can be enjoyed for years to come by using ProClean Porcelain Tile & Stone Cleaner on your next job.” Acid, alkaline and bleach free, Porcelain Tile & Stone Cleaner is an everyday cleaner suitable for use on all hard surfaces.

ProClean Resin-Off has been designed to remove polymer residue from brush-in compounds without affecting mortar, cement or aggregate deposits. With a ready to use, gel-like formula, Resin-Off has reportedly been proven to work in less than 20 minutes.

Additionally, UltraTile has found what it calls the perfect solution to avoid common, hard to resolve, grouting problems. ProClean Easy Clean Tile Protector will prevent staining from pigmented grouts and jointing compounds.

“Protect your tiles from natural deterioration and day-to-day wear to keep your grout lovely and clean in the long term by applying ProClean Tile & Grout Sealer.” Created with a low odour, non-flammable formula, Tile & Grout Sealer is designed to protect tiles and grout against both oil and water stains.

Completing the range is Xtreme Clean – a professional restoration grade, heavy duty cleaner. Safe and easy to use, the company says Xtreme Clean is extremely effective in dissolving engrained dirt, wax layers, grease and other problematic and stubborn stains.

UltraTile says its ProClean range has been designed with you in mind. The portfolio of easy-to-use products will make light work of even the most difficult cleaning and maintenance issues.

“So next time you are placing your UltraTile order, be sure to grab some ProClean products at the same time – you can’t afford not to! Protect. Seal. Maintain.”
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