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“We ain’t heavy!” Palace launches Extra-Lite range of sustainable adhesives

Since 2004, Palace Chemicals has operated a BSI-accredited ISO 14001 approved Environmental Management System which, as part of its’ year on year “objectives for improvement programme,” has always included “sustainable product & process development” within its core values.

The objective of the company’s sustainability programme, it says, is to replace or minimise its use of materials derived from energy intensive processes or valuable natural resources and substitute them with alternative materials which can enable the same outcome & performance standard.

This objective is key to the company’s aim of minimising adverse impacts on human health and the environment.

The company says: “As the UK continues to be more aware of the need for ‘environmentally considerate’ products, the tiling industry has also stood up to be counted! Not least Palace Chemicals!”

Incorporating recent technological advances in polymers and binders, while prioritising the pursuit of environmental sustainability, the company has launched its Lite range of products – Palace Extra-Lite.

Not only do the products reportedly make for lighter lifting for the tile fixer, they are also lighter on their pallets, which has a knock-on effect for the haulage services too in both fuel economy and safer handling.

Product performance of equivalent coverage for half the weight used and applied is achieved by the controlled incorporation of up to 40% recycled raw materials, Palace says, further lessening the depletion of natural resources and primary binder systems which carry a heavy carbon footprint.

Shortlisted for a TTA Award for Innovation in 2021, these products are designed with the tiler in mind. Available in Fast or Standard setting, the range is said to offer a high yield, easy to apply adhesive mortar that fashion C2 flexibility, an S1 classification for deformability and additional working time & pot life. Compatible with heated subfloors, the lightweight adhesives are suitable for fixing all types of tiling, including large format tile and stone, and offer a 50% reduced weight loading once fixed.

“All wrapped up in a 10kg sack, with up to 40% of recycled material, the Extra-Lite range from Palace Chemicals offers a fantastic & versatile group of products that also tick all the green credential boxes for more sustainable building materials where ‘less is more’,” the company concludes.

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