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Palace Chemicals: 43 years of sustained growth and progress

Palace Chemicals Ltd, established in 1978, has grown consistently year-on-year for over 43 years and counting! In this article TSJ explores the key drivers in that growth, and how the company has brought this to the benefit of its customers.

A bove all other factors,Palace Chemicals will say that their people have been a key driver to its growth and success.

The Customer Service Team, who have an average length of service of 27 years, say it’s not only the training and investment from the business, but also working with people that value you and what you do, and are always willing to help. Being valued in your job is a key ingredient to increasing productivity and so helping the business to grow.

Since the early 1980s, the business has also been on a path of accreditation. Ensuring all its activities are externally recognised for quality, safety and environmental health; all accredited and audited by the British Standards Institute.

The company’s commitment to investment in compliance with the standards (that are far in excess of its regulatory obligations) have played a part in always questioning “how can we be and do better” – and the answer is shown in the company’s consistent results.

Heavy long-term investment
In the last 22 years, the company has invested heavily in its production capabilities, robotics and automation to ensure a level of consistency and quality in everything it manufactures.

It’s range of tiling, building, construction & DIY products are the single most comprehensive range available from any other manufacturer. The company is currently the largest independent manufacturer for many of its ranges in the UK.

The growth of the business can also be seen physically at its impressive 15-acre site in Speke, Liverpool, where the vast majority of its team work and live locally. Investment in using local employees has clearly shown results for the business, which now has one of the highest quality product ranges, especially across the Tiling sector, from where its’ Adhesives, Grouts, Levellers & Waterproofing products have a reputation for added value, which is loyally embraced by all customers, including major multiple retailers; local tile distributors and all categories of professional fixers and building companies.

Multi-warehouse operation
The impressive multi-warehouse operation at Speke boasts not only by state-of-the-art, high-speed manufacturing & packing systems, but also fully computerised warehouse & distribution facilities.

With a high stock-holding capacity, enabling a rapid order turnaround, supported by best-in-class logistic providers, to ensure the highest level of service can be enjoyed by all customers.

Palace Chemicals aims to ensure the expectations from its customers for quality, service and value are always at the forefront of their operating processes from receipt of order through to delivery.

This has built their reputation as a reliable and valued trading partner to some of the biggest names in the tiling, builder’s merchants and DIY sectors, whilst still retaining the core values and experiences of its formative years to support all end-users with the level of technical back up & guidance which has become essential to the modern building and tiling trades professional.

Manufacturing many millions
Manufacturing and supplying many millions of units each year (and growing), from a wide product range to an even wider range of branded and private label customers throughout the UK, the company continues to invest in major plant infrastructure and new product R&D projects every year.

Palace Chemical’s say their mission is always to offer the latest & best available product technology, manufactured to the highest standards and then in turn, supplying the tiling, building, DIY & decorating trades with the levels of service & value they need in turn to make their business a success.
To find out more, visit: https://palacechemicals.co.uk

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