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Don’t get wet! Understanding tanking

Changes to the British Standards back in 2018 were aimed at promoting best practice in ensuring substrates to receive tiling would provide the ideal surface to ensure a long-lasting leak-free tiled structure.

This recommendation included specifying Tile Backer Boards instead of fixing to plywood or similar timber surface and also included the requirement to use a proprietary tanking system in frequently wet areas such as showers and wet rooms.

This improvement in the Code of Practice specification has certainly lowered the volume of issues with leaking floors & ceilings. But does everyone know the standard guideline for waterproofing…….?
A tiled surface is NOT a barrier to the penetration of moisture and tile grout will not prevent the transmission of moisture through to the substrate beneath the tiles. Where this substrate is known to be sensitive to moisture, the application of a protective waterproof membrane will ensure the durability and stability of the substrate supporting both wall & floor tiles.

Section of BS 5385 Part 1 – 2018 recommends tanking in wet areas, e.g. showers, wet rooms and steam rooms, where substrates should be protected with a suitable proprietary tanking membrane system.

The weight capacity of the tanking system should be capable of carrying the load of the tiles and adhesive.

Advisory note
This can be a proprietary sheet membrane or a liquid applied water impermeable product.
The manufacturer of the membrane should always be consulted if mechanicals fixings are to be used or there are any uncertainties regarding the weight loading.

In simple terms, any area that is subjected to getting wet (shower, steam room, wet rooms etc) should be tanked – whether it be a new build or refurbishment of an existing area. A big focus in this application is to ensure that not only is the tanking system used strong enough to hold the weight of the tiles & adhesive.

Choice of two systems
Palace Chemicals have two tanking systems available on their range (Palace Shower-Tight & Palace Wet-Room) to suit a wide field of applications. If you are looking to tank a single shower cubicle or an “over the bath shower unit” for instance, the Palace Shower-Tight is perfect.

Whereas, if you are doing a full wetroom installation, then the Palace Wet-Room is the required product. Both kits have the benefit of corner / jointing tape, with the Wet-Room kit having the additional pipe seals and a larger tub of liquid membrane for the bigger projects.

At the very least, a good tanking system provides an visible insurance policy; One that you won’t get with a premium that goes up every year. And certainly not one that you would need to claim against – Because it won’t go wrong (when installed correctly of course)!
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