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Tile care covered with Mapei UltraCare range

A good protection and maintenance regime is essential for retaining a tile’s aesthetic and performance features. To simplify each step – from protection to routine cleaning – Mapei has developed the UltraCare range of cleaners and protectors.

The range provides solutions for all types of surfaces in private, commercial and industrial settings, the company says. Treatments are formulated for all natural and engineered stone and tile finishes, laid inside and outside.

UltraCare cleaners are reportedly tailored to a tile’s individual characteristics – be it acid sensitive, acid resistant, polished or unpolished. Each formulation provides what the company calls a safe and easy-to-use solution for diverse sites, from just-laid tiles to heritage renovation projects. The treatments are suitable for a builder’s clean – to remove residue before application of a sealer; for deep periodic cleaning and renovation, and for stain removal.

The UltraCare Acid Cleaner and Keranet products are formulated for acid-resistant natural stone and tiles. Both remove fixing residues, including cementitious grout, organic dirt, salt, limescale and efflorescence. Each cleaner has a buffered acid formulation that does not emit fumes, Mapei says, improving safety for the applicator and the environment, and limiting damage to stainless steel and aluminium profiles. A ready-to-use spray, Keranet Easy, is also available and can be used as soon as grout becomes opaque; saving significant time for the applicator.

UltraCare HD Cleaner is an alkaline formulation designed to break down organic dirt. Said to be safe for all types of natural stone, including acid-sensitive limestone, this cleaner can also be used in renovation projects, to restore a stone floor’s slip rating, as well as its aesthetic. Outdoors, it tackles the removal of moss and algae, and is effective as a remover for water-based and metalised waxes, the company says.

UltraCare Multicleaner is a concentrated pH-neutral cleaner used to deep clean polished stone and for everyday tile cleaning. Suitable for all types of wall and floor tiles, indoors and outdoors, the product reportedly gives a thorough clean without rinsing. To deep clean and remove dirt and grout residue, a lower dilution is used, and the surface is rinsed after application. It’s also offered in a ready-to-use spray.

UltraCare treatments for grout, mould and pristine silicone
To tackle specific issues, four additional treatments have joined the Mapei UltraCare range:
UltraCare Grout Cleaner – a ready-to-use concentrated spray cleaner for epoxy and cementitious grout joints between unpolished tiles.

UltraCare Mould Remover – a fast-acting mould and algae remover. Designed to clear stains on all surfaces, including painted render, and also act as a tile hygieniser.

UltraCare Anti-Mould Protector – a colourless, water-based protector against the formation of moulds and staining. On existing tiles, apply after cleaning with UltraCare Mould Remover.

UltraCare Smooth Silicone – a smoothing product suitable for use with all types of silicone. This treatment is specifically formulated to work with the BioBlock in Mapesil silicone sealant and to protect and enhance its function, the company says. Unlike commonly used soaps, washing up liquids and window sprays, which contain products that affect this function and also leave a visible residue, Smooth Silicone is said to create a “pristine, residue-free” finish.

Mapei’s range of UltraCare protectors completes the maintenance range and includes a series of treatments to meet specific requirements – from water and oil-repellent protection and colour enhancing, to the protection of tiles prior to grouting. All treatments are supplied ready-to-use and can be applied directly onto dry/slightly damp and clean materials.
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