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Mapei extends landscaping calendar with paving solutions

Outdoor living spaces have become increasingly popular post pandemic. With the average UK garden providing an additional 188sqm of extra living space, they deliver valuable extra footprint that can potentially be used year-round. Stone and porcelain patio areas are especially popular, providing low-maintenance space that can be used in many different ways, from lounging and dining to cooking al fresco.

Year-round installations with MapePave
While most garden make-overs are embarked upon in early spring, the arrival of all-season products – like Mapei’s recently launched MapePave – has extended the landscaper’s calendar.

First debuted at FutureScape 2023, the MapePave range is designed to facilitate the fast installation of natural and engineered stone pavers year-round. It includes a pre-blended ready-to-use mortar system – MapePave Mortar and MapePave Slurry – which provides normal setting and controlled shrinkage for fast-drying bedding and installation, ideal for 20mm porcelain and natural stone. Installed pavers are foot-traffic ready after approx. 12 hours and patios can be fully used after approx. 4 days.

The range also includes MapePave Brush-in Grout – a ready-to-use polybutadiene-based drainage mortar for grouting pavers with joints of at least 5mm in width. Forming a strong bond and hardening quickly, MapePave joints are said to be resistant to jet washing and de-icing salts, allow fast penetration of rainwater and resist freeze/thaw cycles, as well as the formation of moss and weeds. Joints can be stepped on after 24 hours and are fully-hardened after 7 days, Mapei says.

Ensuring tile performance in all seasons
To ensure outdoor spaces can be used year-round, a good maintenance regime that retains a tile’s aesthetic and performance is essential. Designed for professional and end-user application, Mapei’s UltraCare range aims to provide a solution from tile installation right up to the protection and maintenance of surfaces in private and commercial settings. UltraCare treatments are formulated for all types of natural and engineered stone and tile finishes, from sandstone to external grade porcelain and for all patio settings. Many of the products are also part of Mapei’s Zero Line – a range of low environmental impact products with CO2 offset in the entire life cycle.

Protecting pavers before & after installation
To protect pavers, the range includes UltraCare Grout Release and UltraCare Stain Protector W Plus. UltraCare Grout Release is a water-based treatment designed to protect porous surfaces from grout ingress, picture framing and staining. It’s used as a sacrificial sealer for textured porcelain, to make cleaning after grouting quicker and easier. After installation, UltraCare Stain Protector W Plus – a natural-effect water-based impregnator – provides stain-resistant protection for all types of natural and engineered stone finishes.

Keeping surfaces clean & safe
To retain a tile’s performance throughout the year, Mapei recommends two products, both from the Zero Line. UltraCare Multicleaner is a concentrated pH-neutral solution designed for regular cleaning of all types of pavers. UltraCare HD Cleaner is an intensive alkaline treatment developed for deep cleaning and restoration of all types of natural and engineered stone, including external porcelain. This cleaner removes organic dirt and residue, so is suitable for renovating neglected spaces and tackling a build-up of slippery algae, as well as water-based wax from outdoor candles. After deep cleaning, pavers can be treated with UltraCare Stain Protector W Plus to protect them from water, oil and grease.

To tackle specific stains, other treatments include: UltraCare Rust Remover, which can be used on acid-sensitive natural stone and external porcelain; UltraCare Acid Cleaner for use on porcelain pavers and UltraCare Stain Remover, which removes oil and grease stains from porous tiles.
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