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Stylishly conscious living with i-Smart – New from Noken

Putting health and hygiene at the forefront without sacrificing on style and convenience, Noken from Porcelanosa group has incorporated essential touchless technology into the cutting edge new i-Smart range.

Pairing distinctive beauty and intelligent design in everything from taps to toilets, i-Smart has been developed to create bathrooms that are both experiential and practical. Every detail counts.

Ideal for both public and private spaces, to not only avoid contact, but also for greater user convenience, electronic soap dispensers and sensor operated taps and toilets make any bathroom a more safe, hygienic and relaxing space.

New to the range, the battery operated Round soap dispenser and taps can be top-mounted or embedded, adapting to any project, while touchless bins feature activation sensors that open the bin for 5 seconds, allowing the user to dispose of items with no contact required.

As technology evolves towards a more connected, comfortable world, we are provided the opportunity to be more conscious of our environment. The i-Smart range considers the environmental effects of water over-consumption and allows the user to take action simply by living.

The majority of Noken models incorporate Noken Eco Flow technology, which optimises water use and achieves savings of up to 70%. To save on energy too, cold water can be chosen as the default setting.

The Waterforest by i-Smart toilet range allows up to 61% less water consumption, incorporating both an eco-flush and sensor activation.

Also compatible with Forma and Acro Compact toilets, the bathroom of the future isn’t as distant as it used to be with I-Smart products. Touchless technology helps create a smart, practical and sustainable space for everyday life without the need for extensive refits.

Prices start from: £592

For more information please visit: https://www.porcelanosa.com/uk

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