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A Consolidating Water-Repellent Sealer for Concrete

The second most consumed substance on the planet after water, did you know 70% of the world’s population lives in a structure made out of concrete? We also use over 4 billion tonnes of the material each year, but how do we keep it looking pristine? A protective sealer is the answer. At FILA, we recently launched our innovative new product, CONCRETE HYDRO, a consolidating water-repellent sealer for concrete surfaces. Read on for all the information you need on this game-changing sealer that protects concrete, plaster, brick and tuff.


1. This sealer is VOC-free and has Indoor Air Comfort Gold certification*

In the long run, VOC-free products like these will improve site safety, protect the environment, and, most importantly, pave the way for a more renewable future. In fact, FILA is the first Italian brand in our field to achieve Indoor Air Comfort Gold certification, and this is a testament to the sustainable goals we have set for ourselves. CONCRETE HYDRO has also exceeded stringent requirements and is Eurofins certified. The rigid Eurofins certification requisites include those of mandatory national regulations such as FrenchA+, CAM Edlilizia, Belgian Regulation, AgBB and the innovative environmental sustainability evaluation systems such as LEED, BREEAM and WELL.

2. CONCRETE HYDRO prevents the build-up of efflorescences and stops the surface from deteriorating

This product inhibits the growth of algae and mould caused by pollution and smog, as well as the accumulation of efflorescences like carbonates, sulphates, and saltpetre. Furthermore, CONCRETE HYDRO strengthens the surface and prevents chalking, which is a powdery, chalk-like appearance caused by high foot traffic.

3. This sealer is great for both indoors and outside and is very easy to apply

Simply use a brush or an airless sprayer to apply CONCRETE HYDRO to a clean, dry surface. This sealer requires no dilution and is ready to use. Just remember to wear the proper PPE when using an airless sprayer. Here are some other applications for this sealer:

  • Coloured cement plaster facades and interlocking pavers
  • Interior/exterior exposed concrete facades and walls
  • Tuff structures, exposed brick facades and facades in engineered stone
  • Exterior facades with thermal insulating systems
  • Decorative concrete and pool edgings

Try FILA’s CONCRETE HYDRO for yourself

If you missed seeing this sealer in action at the CERSAIE and MARMOMAC trade shows, we invite you to try it out for yourself. CONCRETE HYDRO is a revolutionary new product by FILA Solutions! Download the technical data sheet here.

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