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Ionic Stone enters partnership with Breton

Ionic Stone has entered into a partnership with stone machinery and plant manufacturer, Breton.
Ionic Stone has been trading in the UK since 2001 as a stone & tile distributor based in St Albans. Since 2009, the company has invested considerably into its 8500sqm manufacturing plant in Denizli, Turkey. The company has also acquired its own beige and white marble quarries as well as selling raw material to other manufacturers.

Ionic Stone’s approach to business and industry has always been different, the company says, embracing technology and the necessity of R&D rather than manufacturing and trading “blindly”. Over the last 10 years, the company has invested heavily into R&D and persistently investigating methods to improve its processes.

With the help of these investments, the company has received grants of technological development from the Turkish Government, reportedly making it the only natural stone manufacturer in Turkey to do so.

The company has also invested in a team of software developers, which has produced proprietary ERP & warehousing software. This software reportedly allows the company’s sales, stocks, accounting and purchasing to be controlled and automated efficiently, and is currently being used across the UK operations. While it is still in development, the product will be available to other customers in 2023-2024.

Additionally, the company recently installed solar panels with 1MW capacity on the roof of its Denizli factory, meaning 100% of the factory’s electricity is now produced through green energy.

It has received prestigious awards from various professionals and suppliers: most notably, the Floor & Décor USA vendor award in 2020 and 2021 and Bronze Award in A Design Competition in 2022.
Ionic Stone has also set up both an epoxy resin manufacturing brand, Lean Chemicals, as well as a stone machinery manufacturing division called Ion Machines.

Italian plant manufacturer Breton offers what are described as highly technological solutions in the field. Following lengthy discussions, Breton and Ion Machines have agreed to launch a brand called IonBreton. A factory in Denizli will be established where both companies will share their technological knowledge, aiming to create more developed products for the industry. The factory will be operational in early 2023 and, from Turkey, IonBreton will “serve the world”.

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