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BAL Micromax3 ECO – “high performance sustainable grouting”

BAL, a manufacturer of full tiling solutions, is claiming its recently launched Micromax3 ECO high performance grout is one of the most environmentally friendly products on the market, without compromising performance.

Micromax3 ECO introduces various sustainable technologies, including the use of more than 25% recycled materials, while its 2.5kg and 5kg packaging is 100% recyclable.

With an EC1+ EMICODE classification, the product has very low emissions and has low VOCs, while the formulation includes reduced biocides, but with longer lasting built-in Microban anti-microbial protection.

OPC-free for a reduced carbon footprint, Micromax3 ECO also has low dust technology – reducing waste and mess for the fixer while being better for the environment, BAL says.

Alex Underwood, head of marketing at BAL, said: “The next generation of grouts, BAL Micromax3 ECO has the highest technology leading to added eco-benefits with improved performance and guaranteed long-lasting results.

“As well as using 25% recycled materials and using 100% recyclable packaging, all our grouts are made in the UK reducing emissions from shipping-in finished product from overseas.”

With longer-lasting and improved Microban antimicrobial protection to protect against black mould and mildew, an efflorescence-free formulation and locked-in colour consistency, Micromax3 ECO is designed to provide a long-lasting finish for tiling projects.

Like Micromax2, Micromax3 ECO sets in 2 to 3 hours, while it is now suitable for swimming pools and can reportedly be used up to 30mm joints widths with no shrinking or cracking.

After listening to feedback from fixers and contractors, BAL says, Micromax3 ECO delivers advanced technology for greater control and guaranteed results.

Smoother fillers make for easier clean-off, even on textured tiles, while the grout is said to be more tolerant to overwashing and has less haze after initial clean-off.

Easier to mix and apply – especially on walls with no slumping – the product also has improved colour consistency and is suitable for all tile types including natural stone.

Underwood commented: “Tilers demanded and we listened, delivering advanced technology with greater useability including easier clean-off even on the most textured tiles.

“New rapid-hardening technology means water is locked-in the mix during the setting process, resulting in consistent drying, improved colour consistency and less patchiness.

“Micromax3 ECO delivers market-leading solutions, with all the benefits of Micromax2 and more including a superior, smooth finish, high flexibility and durability time and time again.”

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