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Profiles, movement joints and entrance matting from Genesis Global Systems

As a global brand for over 30 years, Genesis Global Systems says it has the range and experience to provide the solutions you need. “Our innovating provisions ensure we can complement the latest trends in the global ceramic and flooring markets,” the company says.

In addition to finishing profiles, the company offers an expanding range, including its Movement Joints and TrakMat Entrance Matting. According to the company, innovation and industry feedback has strengthened the design and range of products available for every need.

Genesis’ national team supports this range with technical knowledge and measurement services ensuring standard products and bespoke productions provide the “perfect” finish.

Long gone are the days of bull-nosed tiles or simply installing white P.V.C. profiles, says Genesis. Clients want more, and to be made aware of the options available. Genesis offers an expansive range to ensure contractors are not only able to address client requirements but also offer them new possibilities.

P.V.C. profiles remain a simple, lightweight, and cost-effective option but are now joined by metal profiles, which have become the most desirable choice. Aluminium, stainless steel and brass profiles provide a more durable, timeless appearance which complement modern installations. There is no need to cut corners anymore either, the company says, as corner pieces for most of the range save the work of mitring and deliver a perfect finish.

The company’s offering doesn’t stop at the standard profile range, as all aluminium and stainless steel profiles are available with custom powdering coating. Additionally, where customers can provide a standard RAL number or a sample of the surface to match, Genesis will provide a colour matched profile.

The company’s range of ceramic finishing profiles is the said to be the most comprehensive available: aluminium, stainless steel, brass and PVC in round, square, straight and triangular profiles.

Movement Joints
Protect against the natural displacement of hard flooring in areas over 10sqm with movement joints that accommodate for the expansion and contraction that occurs over time preventing damages and costly repairs. With options from 8-22.5mm, available in PVC, aluminium or stainless steel using either polyurethane or santoprene infill, the company says, there is a joint suitable for your project.

Exceeding the requirements laid out under BS 5385 and TTA recommendations, Genesis’ joints have a movement capacity of up to 30%, and are suited for use with slate, natural stone and ceramic surfaces, while also being considerate of the stresses of underfloor heating.

If customers require any support in consideration of the environment over what type of joint is required or the positioning, the company’s regional sales managers can provide guidance and visit the site to give their recommendation for the most suitable option.

Entrance Matting
Found in both independent projects and large-scale commercial developments around the globe, Genesis’ made-to-order TrakMat entrance matting is described as a versatile system, incorporating aluminium sections with rubber or carpet inserts linked by semi-rigid P.V.C. to cushion traffic, therefore reducing noise and the risk of slipping.

Fluted rubber (available in black) is the recommended surface for external use for primary coarse dirt retention, and Loop Pile Carpet (available in anthracite, grey, red and natural) is recommended for interior entrance mats to clean and absorb residual moisture and dirt. The high-traffic specification is said to offer a durable, effective, and practical solution with simple and efficient installation.

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