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Genesis has the right tools for the job

As the exclusive UK provider of BIHUI’s professional tiling tools range Genesis is here to ensure you have the right equipment for any project. Here TSJ highlights just a few items from the range.

The modern tiling professional has a lot to contend with in an ever-changing industry and the increasing popularity of large format floor and wall tiles has only exacerbated the required skill set and range of equipment required.

Genesis wants to ensure all tilers have the same access to high-end tools at affordable prices so they are able to achieve the perfect finish on every project and are proud to showcase our BIHUI range as the solution.

Available exclusively through Genesis in the UK, the BIHUI range of professional tiling tools has seen an overwhelmingly positive response since launch and, as the range increases as does the popularity. Whether working with standard ceramic wall tiling, or large format natural stone floor tiles, the innovative BIHUI range can help with the handling, cutting, and installation; with many tools quickly becoming essential in today’s tilers’ tool kits.

The solution-orientated development process had invaluable input from tiling professionals every step of the way to ensure every BIHUI product was designed to provide a user-friendly experience while maintaining a flawless end result. Every step of a project has been considered with a quality tool to match meaning BIHUI is there to support you from start to finish. Shining a spotlight on a couple of the range’s key electric-powered products is a by no means an exhaustive look at the options Genesis provides today’s tilers in tools and workwear, as well as future additions as we continually keep a keen eye on the fast-moving tile industry and listen to the trade’s needs.

BIHUI 1200W Angle Grinder
No tiling professional should be without a tool providing the versatility and efficiency of the BIHUI Angle Grinder. The variable speed grinder offers cutting, drilling and polishing functions and the ease of switching means you can go between the required processes at a moment’s notice. Weighing in at just 2.1KG and the 6 speed gears providing 3000-11000rpm with a soft start and constant speed means the user has considerable control over the way they want to work.

While offering compatibility across industry standards BIHUI has developed an extensive range of perfect-for-purpose diamond cup wheels, polishing pads, cutting blades and diamond drill bits. Whatever the job the BIHUI Angle Grinder and associated compatibles will be an invaluable tool to have on hand.

BIHUI 1900W Concrete Grinder
Tackle anything with the BIHUI Concrete Grinder. Suitable for concrete, adhesive, natural stone and against just about any surface you will come across the Concrete Grinder is an efficient response by removing the old and preparing the new.

The ergonomic design and adjustable positioning provide a perfect balance for not only comfortable operation and less labour intensity but also consistent finish. The self-cleaning design when used in conjunction with a vacuum bag or cleaner means a dust-free process making a grinding quicker and easier than ever before.

When used with the BIHUI 180mm Dual-Row Diamond Wheel and Adjustable Stand any professional will be able to prepare a surface with unparalleled precision and ease. Providing overload protections and speed regulation prioritises safety when using the Grinder, peace of mind and turning the difficult into the easy is a pillar of BIHUI’s innovative range.

BIHUI Vibration Tile Beater
Achieving perfect positioning and a smooth level surface when working with large format tiles has never been easier with the compact and light-weight Vibration Tile Beater.

The battery powered tool has a maximum lifting weight of 25KG allowing for adjustments to position and the vibrations remove any residual air bubbles underneath the tile by evenly distributing adhesive.

The adjustable intensity, integral level and working light are all intuitive features that enhance installation precision. With the thermoplastic rubber handle providing slip resistance and the battery-powered operation removing any cables means no professional should be without this essential tool.

BIHUI Electric Cutter and Rail System
While most tile cutters are limited in depth or size preventing use with large format tiles, you’ll never be caught out with the BIHUI Electric Cutter and Rail System. Achieving 13000RPM with a cutting depth of up to 14MM and the rail allowing for up to 3.6M means no tile will stand in your way.

Don’t be caught short on a project with tools that don’t stand up to the job at hand. We understand that changing demands means having the necessary tools and our dedication to equipping all tiling professionals with the kit they need so they can undertake any project to give them flexibility over their work.

BIHUI Laser Levels
Don’t leave precision to chance when you can achieve perfection with the BIHUI Laser Level systems. Available in either 5-line or 12-line forms the 360° self-levelling USB-charged devices come with laser target plates, green glasses and adjustable brackets.

With a range of uses from auxiliary wall tiling, floor tile fixing, or even stair handrail fitting the laser levels ensure a level of exactitude and professional finish never before possible.

More than just electric-powered tools for large format tiles BIHUI is a wide range of tools designed for and by the modern professional to tackle any challenge or project. We offer everything from work-wear like Neoprene Leatherette Knee Pads, adjustable and reusable Levelling Systems to traditional hand-held tools like Trowels for every purpose and Silicon Applicators; all created with the modern professional and the jobs they face in mind.

Equipping yourself with the right range of effective tools increases the range of jobs you can undertake and positioning yourself as a versatile tiler with high-end professional standards increases the scope of work you can undertake which is invaluable in the modern market, and Genesis is there to support you every step of the way and every tile you lay.
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