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Decoding the science of stone preservation: advanced techniques for maintaining natural surfaces

How can we ensure the enduring beauty of natural stone installations? Given the substantial volume of stone surfaces crafted daily worldwide for various applications, ensuring meticulous care is an imperative that cannot be underestimated.

In the below article, FILA embarks on an “exploration of stone and delve[s] into the intricate science behind maintaining its timeless appeal”.

Why stone preservation matters
Natural stone adds aesthetic appeal and holds functional significance in various applications. From enhancing the ambience of interiors to providing durable outdoor surfaces, the longevity of natural stone directly impacts both the visual appeal and structural integrity of spaces.

Effective methods for initial cleaning and maintenance
Ensuring the initial stone cleaning is paramount, especially for eliminating grout residues, which can impact appearance and durability. Equally crucial is selecting the appropriate cleaner for ongoing maintenance. Enter CLEANER PRO, described as a versatile solution to revitalise all surfaces and floors, from external pavers to interior tiles. Whether dealing with delicate polished natural stone or even porcelain tiles, its gentle formula cleans but will never attack. Likewise, PS87 PRO is “excellent” for the initial cleaning of unpolished natural stones sensitive to acids.

Cutting-edge protection techniques
In addition to cleaning, natural stone depends on a sealing treatment to provide thorough protection. FILA’s MP90 ECO XTREME is a water-and-oil-repellent solution crafted for porous materials like natural stone. The surface protection product guards against water, oil, dirt, and stains. Its formula penetrates the stone, significantly reducing absorption while preserving its natural aesthetics.

Utilising the company’s MICROTECHnology, the sealer is said to maintain the stone’s skid resistance and gloss level, ensuring treated surfaces retain their original properties.

MICROTECHnology: advancing stone preservation
FILA’s MICROTECHnology is described as a “groundbreaking approach targeting the micro-level porosity of natural stone”. Operating at the micrometric scale, MICROTECH manipulates surfaces to seamlessly integrate with stone structures, efficiently penetrating various absorbent materials. Safeguarding the micropores of stone provides crucial attributes to treated surfaces, shielding them against staining and contaminants.

FILA’s MICROTECHnology offers comprehensive benefits, delivering a breathable solution that leaves no surface film or oily residue while preserving natural vapour permeability. With an impressive breathability, MICROTECH repels water, forming beads on the surface to block infiltration into the stone. Furthermore, protecting micropores promotes a hygienic environment, reducing potential staining sites and inhibiting the accumulation of odour-causing germs. Its stain and oil-resistant characteristics ensure that stains and oil remain on the surface without penetrating the material’s pores, providing advanced surface protection for various applications.

Sealers such as FILA’s MP90 ECO XTREME utilise “pioneering methods to achieve exceptional performance, surpassing traditional sealers”. As a result, the company says: “FILA is setting new standards for protecting natural stone, ensuring lasting beauty for installations worldwide”.

Wax application for enhanced protection and refinement
For optimal preservation of natural stone floors in dry indoor environments, the company recommends a water-based sealer followed by its wax products—LONGLIFE, MATT, and SATIN—for varying levels of gloss and maintenance. It’s also important to note that these wax products are not suitable for wet environments or all surfaces – they are specifically designed for use on dry floors.

Stain removal solutions
Alongside sealing and waxing products, FILA offers a range of stain-removing products tailored for various surfaces. NOSPOT eliminates greasy and oily stains, while SR95 targets organic stains like tea and coffee on natural stone surfaces without damaging the finish.

On the other hand, MARBLE RESTORER specialises in repairing marble damaged by acids on kitchen or vanity tops, while NORUST removes rust from surfaces, including delicate ones like polished marble. These stain removal solutions are designed to effectively restore the appearance of natural stone surfaces.

For technical assistance or inquiries about stone preservation, please reach out to our expert team.


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