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Versatile and durable concrete-effect tiling from RAK Ceramics

Concrete may not seem an obvious choice of material for the home, RAK Ceramics says, but for those wishing to add an industrial edge in style to interior design schemes, concrete-effect tiling is a perfect option.

Porcelain and ceramic tiling that emulates the natural aesthetic of concrete can be used in nearly every area of the home, as well as in public spaces, according to the company.

The texture of concrete-effect tiling creates visual interest, especially when used across large areas such as walls and floors. Concrete offers a minimalist look, with soft variations that can be used as a backbone to any design. It can be combined with other raw materials such as metal and timber for an industrial theme or paired with delicate colours to add instant warmth and character, the company says.

Concrete-effect porcelain or ceramic tiles can be used to achieve an industrial aesthetic and lend themselves well to large open-plan areas, creating a backdrop that can be augmented by wood and metal furniture, exposed brick walls, and rustic accessories.

The basic look can also be combined with materials like marble and brass for a more traditional outlook, creating a warm and authentic contrast.

While concrete itself will need to adequately stained, sealed and polished to make it suitable for use around the home, the company says, concrete-effect wall and floor tiles made from durable, hardwearing materials offer another solution. Strong and durable, ceramic and porcelain tiles are suited to all areas, commercially and domestically.

The manufacturing process of porcelain, which uses a fine and dense clay combined with high temperature and high pressure, reportedly results in a material far stronger than other types of ceramic, which makes it highly suitable for flooring. Bathrooms benefit from the properties of porcelain, the company says, as its density makes it extremely resistant to humidity and water.

Another reason for the popularity of porcelain and ceramic tiles is the material’s versatility. Tiles can be printed or embossed in numerous ways and solid floor tiles can be mixed-and-matched in pattern and colour. They can be chosen to match or contrast with wall tiling and splashbacks for a cohesive look and can replicate the look of many hardwoods and natural stones, including concrete.
RAK Ceramics offers various concrete-effect tiles to address this trend.

Lava Concrete is a full-bodied porcelain tile for walls and floors, featuring an anti-slip coating that makes it particularly suitable for bathrooms and wet room environments. Mimicking the natural aesthetic of concrete, the porcelain is durable and simple to keep clean, RAK says, with no requirement for sealing or special cleaning agents. It’s available in several tile size options, from small 60x60cm up to large format tiles in 60x120cm sizes.

Equally as hardwearing, the company’s Ceramics Design Concrete collection is designed to make a powerful statement with sheer simplicity. The collection is a suitable choice for creating a minimalist look and feel, available in six shades with a tactile appearance.

Finally, the RAK Ceramics Basic Concrete porcelain tile collection is designed to enhance the look of interior and exterior walls, with patterns inspired by the natural hues of concrete, recreated in tones of grey and beige. This collection, available in sizes of 75x75cm, 60x60cm and 30x60cm, is suitable for decorating lofts, open spaces, bedrooms and luxurious bathrooms. Mosaics in 30x30cm and strip mosaics in 15x60cm are also available.

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