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Trimline’s multifaceted sustainability approach

By confronting a range of industry problems, from mitigating the impact of its construction activities to evaluating the social impact of its projects on local communities, the company says, Trimline is committing to acting responsibly across every activity it undertakes as a business.

The company has pledged to support the government’s plans to tackle climate change and achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030. Its overriding objective is to leave a legacy of sustainable improvement to the built environment, providing not only healthy commercial returns for partners and clients, but creating a positive socio-economic impact in the process.

Trimline’s approach to sustainability is simple, the company says. “Every day we consider the impact that our actions will have on the future of life, living and livelihoods, and strive to make choices that are fair and considerate.” It was founded over 35 years ago with an ambition to sell products that make its customer’s jobs easier while never compromising on customer service or value for money. “The very same attitude and approach is what continues to drive us forward to this day,” the company says.

The majority of the wholesaler’s business activity takes place in the UK. A third-generation family business, the company specifies and supplies tiling systems on residential and commercial projects across the UK.

With head office and warehousing based on the edge of the M25, Trimline has easy access to the city and nationwide coverage. It stocks over 2,700 product lines in a 65,000-sqft warehouse. Trimline currently provides jobs for over 60 staff in three locations. The company fully supports and facilitates remote working for employees.

The company says it’s dedicated to conducting business responsibly and ethically in everything it does. “We are committed to operating with honesty and integrity, and all Trimline Group employees are expected to demonstrate high standards. The standards expected of our staff are specified in codes of conduct to which employees are required to adhere to, including robust and unwavering compliance with all applicable laws and regulations,” it continues.

Environmental sustainability is a key issue for the company;s clients and people. It aims to provide an environmentally efficient service, by embracing solutions and initiatives that promote an improved approach to the use of energy and resources, and ultimately support a total reduction of CO₂ emissions.

Trimline is committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2030. “We continue to take steps to reduce carbon from its direct and indirect operations,” the company says, “by implementing the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment’s (IEMA) Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Management Hierarchy.”

The company is taking steps to reduce its scope 1, 2 and 3 greenhouse gas emissions and reliance on fossil fuels using energy efficient technology, renewables, processes and algorithms, developed in-house to drive sustainability performance improvement.

Through collaboration with supply chain partners, the company aims for all the products and materials it procures to be net zero carbon by 2030. In limited cases, where it’s unable to reduce emissions, the company will aim to invest in environmental projects, in the form of carbon offsets, to go beyond net zero carbon by 2040.

“We all have a role in tackling the climate emergency,” the company says. “That’s why we contribute 1% of our revenue to carbon removal.” A fraction of every purchase from Trimline Group helps new carbon removal technologies develop both in scale and impact.

The company is also a part of Stripe Climate: a coalition of businesses accelerating carbon removal. The organisation supports a portfolio of emerging technologies that remove CO₂ from the atmosphere and works with scientific experts to find the most promising carbon removal technologies.

Demonstrating lifelong commitment to the protection of the environment, the company has installed a solar system on the roof of its main distribution hub at The Teardrop Centre.

The 249.8 Kwp Solar Photovoltaic system, installed by Perfect Sense Energy, will generate over 240,000 kWh per annum. Reportedly eliminating over 84 tonnes of CO₂ output in the first year alone, the system is projected to prevent more than 2,100 tonnes of CO₂ emissions over a 25-year period.

The company is now able to measure its energy generation and consumption on-site, assisting the organisation in the measurement of its sustainability efforts.

Energy consumption is rationalised in all company buildings. All lighting is energy efficient and LED with movement lux sensors installed wherever possible.

In order to tackle global challenges like climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution, it’s essential to manage waste efficiently. Trimline says it strives to ensure renewable, reusable, non-toxic resources are utilised as materials and energy in an efficient way. The company has a recycling programme at all of its premises, including a scheme to encourage reuse of samples rather than disposal.

The company uses cardboard with a high percentage of recycled content for dispatch and product packaging, while company advertising and marketing materials are produced by FSC + PEFC accredited printers.

“Trimline is committed to ensuring the ethical and sustainable procurement of all products and materials we supply,” the company says. “Our responsible procurement commitment ensures an ethical buying process, taking into consideration the social, economic and environmental impact of products we choose to supply.”

The company is also committed to supplying EPD-certified products. An environmental product declaration (EPD) is a document that quantifiably demonstrates the environmental performance or impact of a product or material over its lifetime.

As growing numbers of architects, engineers and designers opt for EPD-certified products to support their sustainability targets, Trimline provides an inventory of compliant and certified solutions. The company aims to increase the amount of EPD-certified products and materials available to its customers.

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